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10,000 new homes set to be built along the Great Ogeechee Pkwy.

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Savannah, Georgia (WTOC)-As part of the development program, 10,000 new homes will be built along the Great Ozychi Parkway and Belfast Keller Road.

It is very close to Richmond Hill Middle School and near Interstate 95.

The project has a 25-year timeline, but some of the first homes have already been built and sold.

Authorities say the first resident of this development can move by the end of this month.

This is a large new development that has been created over the years.

“It’s been over eight years.”

And now, the first home is sold at Heartwood in Richmond Hill, and 25 years later there is a new community of 10,000 homes.

This is a project that has the potential to significantly increase Richmond Hill’s population, but its growth will not happen overnight.

“I don’t want people to leave this because I think there will be 10,000 homes tomorrow. This market is typically 250-500 new homes a year and is expected to continue,” Real Estate said. Bill Cunningham, vice president in charge, said.

This is part of a large-scale project by timber company Rayonier to open a nearby commercial park in partnership with Richmond Hill and Bryan County and build the Belfast Keller interchange on Interstate 95, in Heartwood. We have made the location ideal for developers.

“We are using BelfastCommercePark to create jobs and new interchanges to create more commercial and retail venues, so housing is only part of it,” Cunningham said. ..

Despite concerns about the growth of other projects, city officials say they spent eight years planning and building infrastructure at Heartwood before the first “on sale” signs appeared.

“I don’t think Richmond Hill and other communities can survive without growth. This isn’t something to do overnight. I put in a water main loop so there’s water here. Sewers too. We have installed it and now we have a main lift station, “says Les Fussell.

The developers say they donated land to extend the existing roads and build a school. Meanwhile, city officials say talks are underway to open a new police substation in the area.

The necessary additions are said by officials as the city grows.

“We have a lot of traffic and a lot of people are looking at Richmond Hill. Currently there are three exits, which means that overall, we just keep growing this community.”

So far, 114 detached homes have turned green and another 185 are awaiting final approval. And it’s just a drop in a bucket of the total number of homes expected to be built here by the time the project is completed.

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