Home Insights Time to stop and smell the rosé – affordable regions if you dream of living in wine country

Time to stop and smell the rosé – affordable regions if you dream of living in wine country

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After idyllic weekends sampling fresh produce and indulging in locally produced wines, many of us have dreamed of owning a vineyard.

That dream of living a more peaceful lifestyle while drinking wine from our own grapes is easily becoming a reality thanks to the many vineyards now on the market and ripe for harvest. There is a possibility.

Whether you want to run a business or produce enough wine for your friends and family, realestate.com.au currently lists over 80 established or potential vineyards. , there is a suitable choice for everyone.

At Margaret River Vineyards, you can get two hectares of Chardonnay grapes for $165,000. Source: release.com.au

And they don’t necessarily have to break the bank. For just $165,000, you can become the proud owner of two hectares of mature Chardonnay. Margaret River Vineyard Estatelocated in Cowaramup, Margaret Valley wine region.


Vineyards of this size can either self-manage to create their own label or sell their grapes to local winemakers to avoid additional labor.

Or for the more dedicated winemaker looking for an income-generating business. 87 hectares in the Barossa Valley wine region Boasting 54 hectares of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Fiano grapes, South Australia has plenty of opportunities.

Part of 54 hectares of vineyards for sale in Williamstown, Barossa Valley. Source: realestate.com.au

The world-renowned Lower Hunter region of New South Wales has the most vineyards on the market today, followed closely by the Barossa Valley.

For those interested in Victoria’s vineyards, there are 10 vineyards for sale across the state, from the Upper Goulburn Valley to the Mornington Peninsula.

We also have 12 vineyards across Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania. Robert Shannon Wines, In Queensland’s granite belt with cellar doors, independent cafes and concert venues.

A view of the Robert Shannon Winery in the Granite Belt of Queensland. Source: realestate.com.au

The dream of owning your own vineyard can become a reality, but it goes hand in hand with a challenging task.

It requires an in-depth knowledge of grape varieties and their suitable soils.

It requires a thorough knowledge of farming, property, and running a business, as well as purchasing the tools and machinery needed to grow and produce wine.

All this is done before the wine is made.

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If you think this is too much, living in a wine region and enjoying the fruits of other people’s labor might be a better choice.

Most affordable wine regions

wine region state median real estate price
Lower North SA $230,000
Murray River – Swan Hill Big $320,000
limestone coast SA $340,000
granite belt queensland $380,000
Maryborough – Pyrenees Big $420,000
Barossa SA $450,000
swan Wa $470,000
Fleurieu – Kangaroo Island SA $535,000
Meander Valley – West Tamar TAS $542,750
Onkaparinga SA $550,000
Source: PropTrack.

The Lower North region of the Barossa Valley has the lowest median home price of $230,000 among Australia’s major wine regions.

Being close to hundreds of cellar doors and local producers means you can enjoy the benefits of being part of the wine community without the arduous work and stress of owning a business.

Murray River region in Victoria. Source: Getty Images.

The Murray River region of Victoria, famous for Banrock Station and the Trentham Estate, is also affordable, with a median home price of $320,000.

The most affordable in the central wine region is the Mornington Peninsula, with a median home price of $1.1 million.

We were able to enjoy the sunset over the local vineyards while sipping wine. Source: Getty Images.

The area has always been a Melburnian hotspot for weekend retreats, but demand peaked during the pandemic as city dwellers fled to more remote areas.

Fortunately, Victoria has many wine regions, and Maryborough-Pyrenees is rich in affordable wineries and local producers.

Whether you’re ready to put the work and money into producing your own wine, or you’re happy to enjoy another winemaker’s vintage, you can sit at home and sip on a beautiful pinot or sauvignon blanc. I can do it. Made right next to you.

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