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The most in-demand energy efficient features for property seekers

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Energy efficiency and sustainability have become increasingly important in the real estate industry in recent years as homeowners seek to reduce their environmental impact.

According to a recent consumer survey by realestate.com.au, real estate seekers consider energy efficiency to be very important when buying or renting a home.

Professional worker installing solar panels on house roof.

Solar panels have become a big draw for many real estate seekers.

And of all the energy-efficient home features on offer, solar power is by far the most popular among consumers, with 71% of respondents saying they are interested in solar power. increase.

This is not surprising given the average number of hours of sunshine per day in our country.

Efficient lighting and good insulation were also important.

According to Canstarblue, households can expect to save $236 per quarter by installing solar panels. You can save even more by using a solar water heater in conjunction with a solar cell.

Savings for a new home.

Energy efficient features save homeowners and renters hundreds of dollars each quarter.

The importance of solar power to real estate seekers is also seen in the following searches: realestate.com.au.

More than 90% of all searches for energy efficient features in the last 12 months were for solar power.

Queensland has nearly doubled the number of searches for energy efficient features compared to its closest state, Western Australia.

Queenslanders care about solar power, water tanks and property star ratings, while Victorian searchers focus more on glass windows and hot water heating due to the colder weather. .

Solar panels rank highly on the list of features requested by buyers.Photo: Getty

As the cost of living rises, property owners are looking for ways to reduce their energy bills, and energy-efficient features can help reduce costs and carbon footprint.

Solar panels and other energy efficient features are therefore likely to become a common feature in most homes in the next few years.

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