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Home Insights The Features Buyers and Renters Are Looking For in Property in 2023

The Features Buyers and Renters Are Looking For in Property in 2023

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Property searches using keywords can identify properties that property seekers tend to be looking for. Trends can change from year to year.

When a person looking for a property searches for a property realestate.com.auyou can add keywords for features of particular interest.

A closer look at the keywords that have grown in popularity over the last 12 months sheds light on the needs of buyers and renters in the current market.

We looked at the most popular keywords used in searches in 2022 and compared them to the previous year.

house with pool

According to keyword searches, single houses with pools are the most popular properties. Source: realestate.com.au

Top 10 features most popular with buyers

The keywords with the highest year-over-year growth among the top 1000 most searched for buying keywords. sauce: realestate.com.au
Rank keyword
1 garage, pool
2 air conditioner, swimming pool
3 air conditioner, garage
Four air conditioner, dishwasher
Five balcony, garage
6 ensuite, garage
7 paddock
8 Built-in robe, outdoor area
9 hut, pool
Ten flood

What are the characteristics of properties that are rising in popularity?

Outdoor functionality was the most desired item on buyers’ lists last year. Eight of his ten top growing keyword searches for 2022 included one of his two features: garage and pool.

Older top keyword lists are usually limited to one word. However, including multiple keyword searches can provide insight into all the features that matter to property seekers.

Additionally, the combination of garage, pool, and air conditioner made up the top three keyword searches and saw the largest increase in 2022 compared to 2021.

The garage is a popular feature for those looking for a property. Photo: realestate.com.au/buy

It’s clear that outdoor gear such as balconies, outdoor spaces, sheds and paddocks come to mind for buyers.

“Flood” ranks 10th on our list of the most popular searches for 2022.

Searches for ‘flood’ have quadrupled year-on-year due to all of Australia’s recent natural disasters.

The desire for more land has led real estate seekers to look for homes with paddocks. Maybe it’s to get an animal or have more space for the kids to play.

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What the lessee wants from the property

Furnished and pet-friendly properties are more important to renters in 2022 than they were in the previous year, with three times as many searches than the next property on the list, which was pet-friendly with a pool.

Top 10 features renters love

The keyword with the highest year-over-year growth among the top 1000 most searched rental keywords. sauce: realestate.com.au
Rank keyword
1 Furnished, pet friendly
2 pets allowed, swimming pool
3 furnished, swimming pool
Four Air conditioner, dishwasher, heating
Five Air conditioning, built-in robes
6 Built-in robe, dishwasher
7 Air conditioning, garage, pets allowed
8 built-in lobe, garage
9 air conditioning, ensuite
Ten air conditioner, garage

Where renters’ listings differ from buyers’ listings is the high demand for features included in the property, such as furniture, dishwashers, and built-in robes.

Buyers can add additional features to a property after they move in, but renters rely on what’s already available, which makes air conditioning and heating very important.

How Covid has changed the needs of people seeking real estate

The pandemic has had many effects on the real estate industry. From tenants who prefer small share houses over large share houses To Single-family households spend a lot of money on home improvements.

Another common trend during the pandemic was getting furry friends. This is reflected in the keyword searches made in the meantime.

dog summer

Space for pets has become a priority during the pandemic.Photo: Getty

As people spend more time at home during the pandemic and have purchased pets for their companies, renters looking for “pet-friendly” properties have surged.

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