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PropTrack Overseas Search Report – June 2022

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As foreign migrants and students return to the Australian coast, foreign buyers are increasingly searching for properties on realestate.com.au.

Due to the full opening of the border, the total number of international searches in June increased by 23% compared to the same period last year, most of which was for rental properties.

Many students and migrant workers are returning to Australia.Photo: Getty

Search for Rental property The site’s purchase section was only 7%, compared to a staggering 71% increase in June 2022.

This shows that long-term visitors are looking to move to our coast. Probably migrant workers and students.

And based on recent arrival data from Australian Bureau of StatisticsSince the latter half of 2021, the arrival of international students and skilled workers has increased rapidly.

This matches what you see in the search data at realestate.com.au.

Which country’s residents are searching the most?

Despite seeing the drop-off at Buy search In recent months, the number of rental searches has increased last month in all countries except the United States.

Chinese, Indian and Hong Kong residents are most enthusiastic

Buyers in China, India and Hong Kong have seen the largest increase in rental property search activity.

China, India and Hong Kong provide Australia with a significant number of students and skilled migrant workers, who often become permanent residents and citizens.

Recent data from the 2021 census show that immigrants from India and China make up the highest proportion of the foreign-born population after immigrants from the United Kingdom.

Over the last decade, the number of residents born in India has increased by 111% and the number of residents born in China has increased by 54%.

The total number of people born abroad has increased by 25% over the last decade, while the number of people born in Australia has increased by only half (12%).

And while the Australian-born population is much larger, it shows that our country continues to attract people from abroad, despite the COVID-19 pandemic delaying migration over the past few years. I am.

Where are they looking?

The Gold Coast appeal remains strong among foreign real estate seekers looking for a home to buy.

All other most searched suburbs are in the cities of Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

For rental searches, the top five suburbs or regions are exactly the same, except that the most popular ports of entry are Melbourne and Sydney.

Most popular regions by country

The most searched suburbs or regions by country are greatly influenced by the cultural diversity of those regions.

Hong Kong and China

Searchers from Hong Kong and China are mainly looking for populated suburbs in Southeast Asia, such as Boxhill and Glen Waverley in Victoria.

new zealand

Searchers from New Zealand search for homes primarily in Queensland. Queensland originally has a high proportion of residents from across the ditch.

The Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast are the most popular.


Searches from Indian-based people are concentrated in developed suburbs such as Tarneit and Point Cook in Victoria and Zapons in New South Wales, suggesting that they are looking for housing and land. increase.

Luxury city condominiums continue to attract overseas attention

International searchers continue to prefer luxury condominiums in Melbourne and Sydney. Queen’s Place In Melbourne, it occupies the top spot in most property views.

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