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PropTrack Overseas Search Report – January 2022

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Australian real estate demand from New Zealand hit a record high in 2021

New Zealand has taken the top spot from the United States as the country with the largest year-over-year increase in search numbers (37%) due to the start of the Trans-Tasman travel bubble in the middle of the year.

Overseas Search-December 2021

China also revived in December, up 13% in December 2020.

Searches from the United States and the United Kingdom returned to pre-pandemic levels, down -28% and -8%, respectively, at the end of the year.

Searches abroad started at high prices this year, despite the closed borders. However, as 2021 progressed, the search for properties purchased on realestate.com.au began to slow down, down -9.19% year-on-year in December.

The number of rental property searches has skyrocketed in recent months, up 15.06% year-on-year.

This increase may be caused by the reopening of the border, which allows students and migrant workers to consider returning to Australia.

Queensland became popular in 2021

The Gold Coast topped the list of the most searched regions for the second year in a row, followed by Brisbane.

The growing interest in QLD comes from all top countries. However, 50% of Gold Coast searches are from New Zealand.

Brisbane pushed Melbourne and Sydney into the post to take second place. That year, Queensland was undoubtedly a hotspot for people seeking real estate from Australia and abroad.

In most of the top six real estate search countries, the most popular suburbs / regions remain the same, but the Gold Coast and Brisbane are growing in popularity in all countries.

Real estate seekers from China continue to be attracted to China’s populous suburbs of Melbourne, as well as people from Chatswood, New South Wales and Eping, and Hong Kong who were also interested in the popular suburbs of Melbourne. I did.

Singapore moved its eyes to different parts of Australia in 2021. Previously, good suburbs of Melbourne such as Toorak and Brighton were on the top list of real estate job seekers in Singapore. But the Gold Coast and Brisbane also captured their fantasies in 2021.

Luxury urban apartments in high demand in 2021

Those seeking overseas real estate continued their romantic relationship with luxury condominiums in 2021. 111 CastlereaghIn Sydney, more than any other new development.

OceanSurfers Paradise, Queensland, is second in the most watched list and confirms that the Gold Coast is in high demand.

And literally the only apartment in the clouds, Australia 108Ranked in the Top 5 of 2021 in Melbourne’s Southbank.

The 100th floor penthouse suite in Australia 108 was purchased in 2015 by a Chinese businessman for $ 25 million.

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