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Proptrack New Homes Report – January 2022

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Despite the ongoing pandemic turmoil, new home inquiries hit a record high in 2021...

The total number of new residential property inquiries in 2021 increased by 59% year-on-year, despite the low availability of properties.

The total number of inquiries in December decreased by 24% compared to November. This is a classic example of a seasonal slowdown.

Only the Northern Territory experienced a 16% increase in inquiries by state from the previous month.

Surveys slowed in December for all property types, with land down 31%, apartments down 17%, and retirement projects down 12%.

The only project type that increased during the same period last year was a 19% increase in post-retirement life.

Inquiries decreased for both land (-8%) and apartments (-3%) compared to December 2020.

The amount of new development projects has not changed relatively

Amount of new projects on realestate.com.au Supply in some sectors has proven to be higher than in others, but remained stable throughout 2021.

The volume of apartment projects was stable throughout the year, but the volume of retirement projects increased by 21%.

Land ownership has declined since November 2020. This is probably because buyers used HomeBuilder subsidies to explode housing and land packages and reduce inventories.

New home sales reached a six-month rolling peak in February 2021 as Homebuilder was nearing the end.

New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics The start of new single-family homes has increased significantly From July to September last year.

Many of these new launches are for sale made during the six months prior to construction.

Most popular new development

EVA Tens AvenuePalm Beach, Queensland, received the most inquiries about apartment development for the second month.

but, Rhodes Central Stage 3Rose, New South Wales, was the most inquired in 2021.

Artist’s Impressions of Rhodes Central Stage 3 in Rose, New South Wales

Forest reachHuntley, New South Wales, was most inquired about real estate on land in December, Astral Estate, In Australia, New South Wales, we received more inquiries in 2021 than any other project (apartments, land ownership, retirement).

1 year ahead

Demand for real estate purchases is strong in 2021 and is expected to continue until 2022.

Omicron variants and subsequent stocks continue to impose market constraints and affect buyer and seller confidence.

Numerous blockades and construction workers have to be quarantined with the virus, delaying construction activities in 2021, which will probably continue.

Due to the lack of available construction workers to tackle development, the impact of knock-on may result in fewer new projects and a backlog in 2022.

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