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Most in-demand suburbs of 2022 revealed

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It has been a challenging year for the property sector, but demand for property remained high in many parts of Australia.

According to data from realestate.com.authere are many suburbs where the number of very avid buyers per listing is in the hundreds.

With an average of 447 potential buyers per property, Kangaroo Grounds, a suburb of Melbourne, is Australia’s most sought-after suburb this year.

People with high engagement show a high level of interest in homes for sale and are likely to be close to purchasing. realestate.com.au.

Source: realestate.com.au
Rank Suburbs Highly engaged people per listing
1 Kangaroo Ground VIC 3097 447
2 Gruyères VIC 3770 411
3 Chandler QLD 4155 406
Four Upper Start SA 5156 381
Five Summertown SA 5141 356
6 Merricks North VIC 3926 352
7 Mylar SA 5153 324
8 Red Hill South VIC 3937 321
9 Vilanville NSW 2486 318
Ten Crafer’s West SA 5152 303

The reason for the popularity of Kangaroo Grounds and other suburbs on this list is that they are close enough to the city, close enough to facilities, and close enough to offer a large block size.

It is also a place where people want to live so much that they do not want to leave.

People living in Chandler, Queensland, have lived there for an average of 13 years, based on how often properties are resold.

When a home hits the market, hundreds of potential buyers want it.

this gorgeous house 74 Bacton Road is sold in suburban Chandler, the third most in demand in 2022. Photo: realestate.com.au

South Australia, especially the Adelaide metropolitan area, had a good year in terms of rising prices and buyer demand, even as other states struggled with falling prices and tightening markets.

Four of the 10 most in-demand suburbs this year were in the Adelaide Hills.

Upper Start, 30km from Adelaide’s CBD, is the hottest SA suburb of the year, with around 381 potential buyers on one listing.

Somerton, Mylar and Crafers West are also in the top ten.

What will happen in 2023?

If 2023 starts like the end of 2022, the market could tighten further as higher interest rates and lower borrowing capacity dampen demand.

Property owners also become reluctant to sell in what appears to be a market downturn.

However, there continues to be a high demand for quality housing in family-oriented areas such as those in the top 10 list above.

High demand properties and low turnover suburban properties such as Kangaroo Ground and Upper Start are therefore expected to maintain their value and continue to attract buyers next year.

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