Home Insights After A Tough Run, Buyers in Sydney And Melbourne Get Some Relief

After A Tough Run, Buyers in Sydney And Melbourne Get Some Relief

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The busy first quarter of homes on the market means that Sydney and Melbourne home hunters now have far more choices.

March Busiest first quarter of new listing In the capital since 2014.

Created strong buyer demand and short sales times Good sales conditions For vendors.The Rapid price increase As we have seen in the last two years, household equity positions have improved and some households may have helped plan to sell or upgrade their homes.

This strength is spread all over the country. There were more new listings of realestate.com.au in March in all capitals than this time last year.

Sydney and Melbourne were particularly busy, with waves of new listings in both markets.

Melbourne was the fastest in the first quarter of its new listing since 2011, while Sydney was the fastest in the first quarter since 2012.

These strong first quarters far exceed what is usually seen. So far this year, Melbourne has seen 21% more new listings than the average for the last decade. Sydney increased 13% and Perth increased 12%.

New listings are approaching the average of other capitals. Brisbane (-1.6%), Adelaide (+ 1.7%) and Hobart (+ 0.2%) all have what is called a regular quarter.

For buyers in these cities, this is still good news. under Average for the last two years.

All this new stock on the market total Inventory of homes for sale.

Not surprisingly, the increase in available inventory is most noticeable in Sydney and Melbourne.

Both cities are currently offering (slightly) more properties for sale than averaged over the last decade. This is noteworthy as buyers have faced below average inventory available for sale since mid-2019 (with a few short-term exceptions).

This is good news for buyers.

Having more inventory for sale means you have more options to choose from, and you’re more likely to find what your buyers are looking for. Increasing inventory eases competition for certain properties and eases margin purchase terms.

This year buyers, Sydney and Melbourne enjoyed more choices, but not yet in some other capitals and regions.

Total inventories for sale in Adelaide have fallen by more than 30% compared to before the pandemic, 35% below the 10-year average.

The situation is even tougher for future buyers in Brisbane. Buyers searching in Brisbane today have 43% fewer properties to choose from than they normally would in the last decade.

Local buyers are facing a difficult situation as well. The number of properties available for sale in the region has decreased by 40% compared to before the pandemic.

The good news is that even in these tough markets, available inventories appear to be stable. The total number of lists in the region has increased significantly for the second straight month. In Brisbane, the total number of lists has increased by almost 20% compared to the valley in January.

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