Home Insights A look at the property fortunes of the electorates that flipped this election

A look at the property fortunes of the electorates that flipped this election

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An analysis of asset data shows that the independent wave that passed this year’s elections occurred in some of Australia’s wealthiest seats.

So far, 19 seats have been replaced in this election while the count continues.

Analyzing the median home prices, most voters earned by unaffiliated have a median price of over $ 1.5 million, more than double the national median.

McKeller, Wentworth, Kooyong, Goldstein and North Sydney, all located in New South Wales and Victoria, form five of the country’s ten most expensive voters.

The median housing for newly victorious Labor voters such as Benelong, Reed and Boothby was relatively low.

Western Australia’s Swan, Haslak and Pierce have the lowest median home prices among the reversed voters, well below the current national median of $ 630,000.

Wentworth voters are one of the highest median home prices among the reversed voters.Photo: Getty

In terms of growth, McKeller, Hughes and Robertson’s homes in New South Wales have grown the most since the last election, compared to all other voters who have undergone a party change.

All three are beachside and nature-blessed voters and have been in high demand since the outbreak of the pandemic.

More insights from a team of PropTrack experts:

Washington’s Swan and Curtin recorded a milder median rise of 11% and 12%, respectively, while Queensland’s Griffith rose by only 12%.

As mortgage rates continue to rise after 2022, most voters are expected to experience a slowdown or reversal in price increases over the next year.

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