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Where to Find Home Design Ideas & Interior Design Trends

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Have you ever heard the phrase “the taste of champagne on a beer budget”? Most of us looking for home design ideas fall in love … well, let’s call them clearly out of scope. This is double if you are flipping a house or preparing to rent. Spending money on champagne-taste designs for these projects is ultimately wasted. But why not take ideas from expensive designs and incorporate them into your median project?

Here’s where to find inspiration and how to implement those ideas.

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Where to find inspiration for home decor

Not sure where to start looking? You know you want your property to look great and fashionable, but not all of us are blessed in the eyes of designers. Here you can collect inspirational ideas for decorating a picture-perfect home.

It’s important to clarify the differences when styling your home live This is in contrast to the styling of a rented house and the staging after a flip. Whether you’re hacking a home or living in an eternal home, it’s important to remember your personal preferences if you plan to live in a home. Are you a fan of barn doors? It’s not a big problem. Throw them away.

But if you’re staging a home to sell or create ads for a lessor, your tastes aren’t that important. sorry. You might think that the bright red walls look great, but most buyers don’t. If you’re not an end client, pay attention to the home design ideas that are trending in your real estate market.

Whether you’re preparing for a flip or equipped with your own pad, we’ve found six places to find inspiration for home decor (free!).


I’m not shy. I’m a 37 year old red-blooded American man with a Pinterest account. It’s great for home design ideas, as it’s like everyone sniffing what you really want to see in your home. It’s a great way to put your finger on the pulsation of today’s interior design. Is the wallpaper back in its original style? (Fun surprise: yes!) What type of sofa is in fashion? Even if you’re searching for console tables or picture frames, you can quickly see trends across the country.

Pinterest is image-based, so start browsing for design and home decor ideas. Start fixing your favorite designs on the “Step Up Your Design Game” board that you share with his wife. We have collected enough ideas for at least the next 100 projects.

It’s also great for brainstorming home design issues. Let’s say your kitchen has a huge brick wall. That’s great, but how do you instill a sense of balance with the existing busy backsplash installed by the previous owner? Pinterest helps you come up with the right solution.


Like Pinterest, Houzz is image-based. But instead of an endless feed of user-generated content, Houzz lets contractors and homebuilders showcase their great designs. In many cases, you can also buy individual pieces, paint colors, and fixtures. Like a rug? You don’t have to spend hours looking for a manufacturer.

Houzz is a great way to see current trends, understand the colors that are popular today, and read popular finishes. The best place? You can search by room and then set the style. Want a bohemian style bathroom? Mid-century modern foyer? It’s easy to find an example. From there, you can filter by budget, size, layout, cabinet type, and everything in between. You can also search for the most popular images today to see exactly what people like most.

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My joke with other investors is “just make your home look like HGTV-programmed buyers.”If you throw a rock anywhere in the United States, you Fixer upper A fan who gives details of Chip and Joanna’s life. I even have a suffering seller who says, “Oh, you do what Joanna or Nicole does with that one show tip!” Sigh, yeah. of course.

A good part of HGTV’s vast selection of home design and remodeling shows, and their soaring popularity, is that the network has created well-designed wells pre-programmed for today’s buyers. I didn’t even know the lack of a year ago. I wouldn’t have thought of going in the farm sink.But if you’re flipping a house or remodeling for a tenant, you’re Must Keep up with today’s trends. That is the value of HGTV.

However, even if you’re decorating yourself, don’t dismiss HGTV just because you’re not a fan of the farmer. Sometimes, while everything is the same, you’ll find sparks of amazing inspiration, such as a half-bath covered in dark wallpaper or a unique colorful accessory in a pure white kitchen.

Model house

The tract builders had a very bad reputation when it came to design, but they feel like they’ve seriously enhanced the game. And they are an essential source of design inspo for flippers and buy-and-hold investors. My wife and I are checking out new model homes as much as possible. Many buyers in the area also check these. During the visit, we take detailed notes and take pictures of their design choices.

Leading builders find that trendy color schemes such as popular gray walls and floors, or design elements such as glass accent tiles, brass hardware, and wooden panels make it safe to flip. increase. Buyers will not turn off. You can also find smart ideas for storage and staging. You’ll probably be encouraged to build a flip-top window bench or combine a turquoise sofa with a complementary yellow pillow.

Don’t just visit builders across the country. Check out local and boutique builders as well. Go on a tour of several homes that exceed the price range of your flip project and see if there are details you can incorporate or hire.

Paint store

Here are some simple questions to ask the person in charge of your favorite paint store: “What are the most popular colors people are ordering these days?” After all, who has a better color scheme than the paint store?

You could get back a huge list of colors that sound like indie band album names. “Campfire Ash”, “Icing”, “Agriable Gray”. You can have a party by throwing in “Broadway”, “Elephant Skin”, “Oceana”, and “Alabaster”.

Another great resource is this year’s colors from various paint companies. 2020, Benjamin Moore I chose “First light”, smoky and rosy pink.Pantone Choice “Classic Blue”, a-Well, you guessed it. Classic blue. The colors chosen by these experts will help stimulate a palette selection of moody half baths and accent walls in dramatic living rooms, or bring warmth to otherwise dull rooms.

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If you’re looking for a truly up-to-date idea, don’t skip Instagram. I love it because I can search and follow my favorite designers and builders. From other fix and flip investors to HGTV celebrities and front and back shots of the kitchen, you’re free to browse.

If you follow the right designers and hashtags, you may be able to find trends before they become mainstream. Acrylic river coffee tables are now very popular, but clever woodworkers showed their offerings on Instagram long before they were in stock at their favorite stores. The same is true for gallery wall trends and kitchen open shelves. (For fairness, open shelves are a controversial subject.)

Whether you’re decorating an eternal home or flipping over to prepare and sell your modifications, making the right choice for you, your budget, and, if relevant, the buyer or borrower It is important. Keeping track of design trends is an important part of real estate investment, but keeping track of trends is important. Dujour You don’t have to waste your time.

Flippers: Do you regularly update the appearance of your flippers? Where do you get your inspiration?

Let us know in the comments!

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