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The When and What of Staging

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There is a million and one article about home staging for sale. No one can argue the incredible value that staging your home brings to the table.

For the first 6 years of real estate investment in our family, we strictly Fixed n’flipper.. To survive, we had to learn how to widen the margin between all costs and the selling price of our flips. At that time, staging became a necessary tool for our business.

If you’re flippers and want to learn what, where, when, and how to put your home for sale, make this blog an appetizer.I personally recommend hiring Home staging At least the first flip is professional, so you know you’re done. If so, maximize the value of hiring that staging expert by getting involved in the process and asking a lot of questions!

Staging time:

There are many factors to consider when it comes to “when you need to stage a flip”. question. There are two reasons why we perform our homes. The first is to actually raise the asking price (press compare). The second is to reduce the number of days in the market by creating a stronger emotional response from the buyer. If the property to be inverted can be affected by either or both of these methods, you should consider staging. Here are some more specific questions to ponder.

  • Is the market in which your home is located highly competitive? If so, the stage.
  • Is the appearance of the house bland? Are you missing architectural details? If so, the stage.
  • Is the floor plan open and the space undefined? If so, the stage.
  • How does cost affect the rate of return? The taller the house, the more likely it is to perform.

Staging content:

There are about a dozen staging tips, so don’t get bored with them. Get ready to be overwhelmed with just Google’s Home Staging Tips. What I share is our staging philosophy.

First, we usually turn the house over to middle-class citizens who love watching HGTV. Our future buyers are neither rich nor poor. This means you don’t have to perfect everything, and our goal is to cast a net that appeals to the most fish. We have our own staging furniture and after 20 moves there are scratches and dents … but that doesn’t matter!

Staging is the creation of positive emotional reactions from prospective buyers.

We focus the staging on the charm of the curb and the three main rooms of the house. When the buyer pulls home, an emotional reaction is evoked. It’s up to you whether it’s positive or negative. We hope that the emotional momentum of the buyer is heading positive. In the negative case, turning the ship will make the interior of the house look great. Stand across from your home and see what emotions it brings to you. Is there grass around the driveway or sidewalk? Is there a dent on the garage door? Does the roof look terrible? Can you see the trash next to your house? Does the front door look good? If necessary, spend money on the curb charm of your home. I can’t think of any flips without painting the exterior. Choosing the right color can create or destroy the appeal of the curb.

When your prospective buyer enters the house, you have about 3 minutes to surprise them or repel them. What is the buyer’s most likely pass? Living-> Dining-> Kitchen? Work on the natural flow of the house and focus on the first three rooms. Not the entire house is staged. Personally, I don’t think it’s necessary to stage a bedroom, laundry room, garage, closet, etc. However, we usually have a light stage in the bathroom, especially in the master bath. If the backyard has features such as a deck, kitchen, and pool, Americans are obsessed with outdoor spaces and would like to stage that area.

Staging Bonus:

Show excellence: We meet one of our best investor partners because he went through the house we staged and wanted him to do it for his flip. bottom. He was so impressed that he became connected with us. We are not professional stagers, but the fact that we staged the house the way we did created an image of excellence. When realtors show your inside out to their buyers, they tend to “sell” your home because of the impression they have been given. This is an intangible thing that we have found great value in.

Happy investment!
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