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Should You Flip Houses or Own Rental Properties?

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Recently on the Bigger Pockets podcast, I was talking to Sack Nguyen, an investor and agent in Seattle. He had a strong point about real estate investment that he decided to tell others. Own Real estate if you want to be wealthy. “

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Do you want to turn the house over?Consider this first

I asked Sack to elaborate, and this is what he said.

After doing this for over 30 years, flipping a house like selling real estate means you’re running on this treadmill. The moment you get off the treadmill, you no longer sell real estate to increase your income. It’s exactly the same way to turn the house over. It’s okay when you’re running a treadmill. When the treadmill stops, you run out of money.

And to be honest, why turn the house over in the first place?

Everyone I know wants to own real estate someday, so they get inspiration somewhere, somehow, somewhere and actually live on passive income can do. But in my opinion, they were basically involved compared to Jones.

“Well, Brandon turned over 20 homes. I’m going to do 30!”

“David flipped 30. I’m going to do 50!”

And now they are chasing who gets the most homes in this rat race. But at the end of the day 20 years later, they will find, “Clap, I can’t show anything to all my work, and I have no passive income.”

Therefore, even at the age of 90, you need to continue running on the treadmill.

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I agree with Sack.

The number of investors I’ve talked to isn’t the main flipper. They have done it for decades. And they said, “Yes, I have to make some passive income to myself, because if I quit, it broke.”

Even though they are living a great life now, they have a great car, a great life, a great home. As soon as the market crashes or something slows down, they struggle almost immediately.

What do you think about turning home and the sustainability of this investment strategy?

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