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Is a Live In Flip the Right Investing Strategy for You?

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I have been flipping home since 1998. My investment model is “live in flip” and I live while remodeling my house. There are certainly ups and downs in this strategy, but it’s a great way to step into the rehab market as a real estate investment and see if you like it rather than jumping into the deep end first. If you are considering this as a new adventure for yourself, you will need to know the pros and cons to make the best decision to move forward.

Tired of paying the rent, I bought my first investment property. I found a two-bedroom condo that I could afford. Mortgage payments were $ 7 more than monthly rent payments. My brother lived in the second bedroom and attended a nearby school. When I bought “as is”, the condo had good cabinets, ugly floors, and a broken dishwasher.

I kept the cabinets, replaced the linoleum floor with ceramic tiles, fixed the broken parts in the dishwasher, and painted the whole thing. I bought this gem for $ 49,900 and sold it four years later for $ 76,250. And since I lived there, I was able to take advantage of the purchase with a lower interest rate homeowner mortgage.

Advantages of live concerts

But just because things went well doesn’t mean it’s easy or everyone needs to get involved. First, I would like to introduce the advantages of live inflip.

No income tax at the time of sale

In 1997, Congress Taxpayer Relief ActAs long as I follow some rules, I will be effectively freed from paying capital gains taxes.

  • I have to live there. In order for me to receive a tax deduction, it must be my primary residence.
  • I own a house and have to live there for 2 out of the last 5 years.

Since this is a government program, there are more rules than just these two, but these are the key points. By following these rules, you can cancel up to $ 500,000 in capital gains as a married person. If I were single, I could amortize up to $ 250,000 in capital gains. And if you carefully track your costs while you are rehabilitating your home, you will maximize your profits.

No need to rush to complete the refurbishment

I deliberately chose a non-huge live inflip project, so I didn’t have to work non-stop to complete it. The property was habitable from day one, so I had the money and time to complete the repair.

When I went to another house doing major rehab, I was still living there and still spending time. For tax reasons, I couldn’t sell the property for two years. By spending time on rehabilitation, a lot of pressure was removed. By living in the house I’m working on, I can continue to invest without the time-consuming commute. If I’m already there, I don’t have to drive to my flip.

Save money with DIY

When you already live in Flip, you can do all the repairs yourself and spend a lot of money you would spend to hire contractors and big crew to get the job done. You can save. If this is your first time, there may be a learning curve, but learning a new set of skills can help.

Plus, when you do your own repairs, you don’t always have to worry about random people in your house. For example, a carpenter who uses the bathroom when he needs to use it doesn’t matter. Your home is still yours while you live there.

More Mortgage Financing Options

Houseflip gives you more funding options than if you live elsewhere. For example, traditional mortgages are out of the question.

Disadvantages of live concerts on flips

There is Many Of the benefits of this clever investment method, it’s not all roses. Be aware of these shortcomings.

Your house is always cluttered

When you are always working in your home, there is always some kind of confusion you have to clean. You may feel confused all the time, or you may always feel that you have something to clean. If you really want to have a clean and tidy home, this may not be the kind of life you want to live.

Blurred work and relaxation

Live inflip allows you to work wherever you live. There is always the danger that you will never really upset your work brain. Having to constantly look at the kind of work you have to do can force you to work until everything is done. Also, refurbishment is usually not a small project and can be particularly stressful. This can easily mean that you are getting less and less time on your own unless you can schedule your time effectively.

It’s easy to forget that you’re playing

Remember that you are flipping a house to sell to other buyers and investors, not yourself. You do not plan to stay here for a long time. Especially when you’re doing a remodeling that you really enjoy and you’re proud of the work you’ve done, you may want to easily become attached and plant roots there.

But flipping a house is like a job with a visible goal. In order to continue to bring in money and make it the lifestyle you want to live in, you must eventually move on to your next home and a series of projects.

Not scalable

If you are doing it for tax incentives, you can only sell real estate once every two years. And if you don’t do it for tax incentives, it doesn’t make the whole process much more attractive.


The construction zone is messed up and it’s very depressing to go home every night and wake up every morning. This is also a good reason to create a solid schedule and stick to it. Keep a particular living space unrepaired so that you always have a place to really relax.

There are pros and cons to live inflip, but there are ways to make the process much easier on your own. They can be big projects that can be very stressful, but the little things you can control make everything much easier. There are a few things to keep in mind to make the best decision for yourself.

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This is an essential point to get home. If you don’t have a tidy workplace, you’re in a state of confusion and go straight to a mental hospital. Know where your tools are. Understand the next few steps of your project and have a backup project to work with when problems occur or when you finish earlier than expected. Professional tips: It will not finish earlier than expected.

Knowing where the tools are can save you a lot of time. At some point, I couldn’t find it when I needed it, and I needed it on the fly, so I have multiple copies of many tools. For some reason, I always live near a home improvement store in a big box, and sometimes it was easier to go buy another. Get the tool belt and wear it proudly. Let you be a professional.

Knowing what to do can also save you a lot of time. If you run into problems with one project, the whole day isn’t wasted. Just move on to the next phase or project until you can resume the original task.

Prepare for demolition and drywall confusion

You can stick as many tapes and tarpaulins as you like, but dust on drywall will stick everywhere. When I broke the old one, the dust got into all the cracks and crevices and I didn’t even know I had it. When you erect a new drywall, the mess finds all the new cracks and crevices you didn’t know you had.

In fact, drywall is one of the jobs I recommend hiring. Experts do it better and faster than you. Because the material alone is slightly higher than it costs you. To be honest, it’s a bargain at 12 times the price.

The only way to prepare for these steps in the process is to get as much out of the house as possible. Please keep it or put it in the garage. It is also useful to close the door and leave the towel on the bottom of the door and place it elsewhere in the house. But don’t be fooled by the idea of ​​eliminating confusion. Because that is not the case.

Clean as you go

Needless to say, live inflip is not always untouched. Construction is awkward. But it doesn’t take long to get things done at the end of work. You need to plan a little time to keep dust out of the rest of the house.

Put the tool back in place so you can find it when you need it. Theoretically, a tool rack is installed in the center of the house to make it easier to find. But sometimes I couldn’t get it back in the right place, I couldn’t find it and had to run to buy a new one.

Plan downtime

As I said before, life on Flip is stressful, so I planned a break. Some were full-fledged vacations to discover new places and explore the neighborhood, while others spent only weekends or just nights. Taking a mental health break is essential to avoid a meltdown.

Please concentrate

The reason for living at home during the flip is to save money. Whether you’re paying rent or avoiding capital gains taxes on sale, living on a flip can save you a lot of cash. It can also test your spare. Keeping the focus on the end result can help you keep your sanity.

How to find out if this is right for you

Even with all these tips and tricks, being a live-in flipper isn’t for everyone. Here’s how to find out if this works:

  • Do you really have enough time? As I said, living on a flip is a big commitment. It’s like you’re doing a full-time job that doesn’t pay. Make sure this is enough to devote enough time to all the other aspects of your life, as you can easily take over everything if you’re not careful.
  • Do you have the necessary skills? If not, are you willing to learn them? Living in your flip saves money if you don’t have to hire people to do all the work. But if you do something wrong, you will spend more money on hiring people to fix your mistakes. If you don’t want to spend time learning how to do things the right way, it will cost you later.
  • Are you patient? Not only the time it takes to complete the flip, but also myself. As I said, you have to learn all these different aspects of trade even to get started.
  • Is your family willing to take on the burden? If you live with your family or someone else during the flip, they have to put up with it like you do. Keep everyone in mind before you make such a big decision.

With all the help of the world, things may not go well, and you need to know what is best for you. Flip is a commitment that lasts at least a couple of years.

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