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If You Mess This Up, Your Next Flip Will Probably Flop

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Have you ever felt sick after stepping into your house?

No, I’m not talking about ghosts or the next haunted house horror movie. If this happens, it could be because the floor plan was not designed properly.

I’ve seen this “basic sin” of real estate development committed at every level of the home, from rehab to old and new construction. People aren’t spending enough time designing floor plans.

Everyone loves choosing tiles, paint colors, and cabinet finishes, but if the floor plan doesn’t make sense, the house won’t sell (and if it eventually sells). Will It will be a big discount).

What can you do to prevent this mistake from being plagued by your next rehab?

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Here are some tips from those who have taken the worst-designed floor plans and years of poor planning and created spaces that people love to live in.

  • Make sure the number of bedrooms and bathrooms fits the size and location of your project

    If you don’t do this correctly, you will quickly fail. A typical home in the United States today is 3/2. Rehabilitating an old house can lead to a lack of bathrooms. The extra cost and time is definitely worth it. In all MLS systems, people specify the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they need. If you are outside this standard, people will not even be able to see your home. Make sure you are attracting the maximum number of potential buyers. Correct the number of your beds and baths!

  • Create a usable living space

    This may seem completely obvious, but you can’t believe the number of newly rehabed homes where small living spaces are chopped up and hidden from the rest of the home. Today is an era of open living space. Formal dining rooms aren’t as popular as they once were and are probably never used. Gives that extra space to a larger and more flexible living room. If necessary, open the wall and throw in some beams or columns. Create an entertaining space. If the people at the party like it, chances are that the rest of us will.

  • Design amazing kitchens and bathrooms

    These are still home spaces for investing your big bucks. Spend a few extra dollars per foot on cool backsplash tiles. Place the front of the glass in the upper cabinet. Design a built-in wine cellar. Add vintage lighting. People will definitely notice. Another thing I started with was raising the height of the shower fixtures. These are usually installed at just over 6 feet, but should be 7.5 feet. I also love the wall-mounted candlestick lighting in the bathroom. Minor tweaks and upgrades give the space a high-end feel.

  • Install a walk-in closet

    If you have faced the dilemma of having a larger bedroom or a larger closet, try a larger closet every time. This allows the buyer to clean up the bedroom with ample storage space to hide their belongings. No one likes a small closet. If you make the wrong call, this is another potential trading breaker.

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What are the design options you want to clean the surface of the earth? Let us know in the comments below!

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