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How to Work With Contractors and Manage a Job Site as a Flipping Newbie

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If you are new to flipping, how do you work with your contractor to manage your site? Learning to communicate with your contractor and maintain control of your work is essential to the success of your flip.

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To stay organized and get the flip on track, you need to consider the following implementations.

  • Provide the contractor with a detailed scope of work so that they can understand what they need to do and how they do it.
  • The contractor will relay the problem to you and create a system for setting up the workflow.I use Buildertrend For my workplace.
  • Find a contractor who knows how to get things done and manage the quality of your work yourself. It’s worth the time to put in the right team.
  • Ask a third-party home inspector to find the problem as soon as possible and quickly.
  • Ask them to send you a daily log of on-site progress (including photos and explanations of what happened, and plans for the next day).

How to work with a contractor to manage the site

So you have it! Please remember. With proper organization, communication, and management at the start of your project, it’s much easier to complete flips on time and handle any issues you encounter.

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