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How to Renovate a Bathroom: Your 5-Step Plan

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It’s easy to ignore the bathroom when you’re planning a home renovation or a home inside out. After all, the room is certainly not attractive, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring or unimportant.After all, the bathroom is one (if not) the) The most commonly used room. That means it should be at the top of your priority list during the refurbishment.

And before you start swinging the hammer, you need a plan.

Unlike the kitchen, most accommodations have multiple bathrooms. If you remodel your bathroom without thinking ahead of time, remodeling your bathroom can easily turn into a nightmare.

Reverting to its previous state can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Follow these 5 important steps to understand how to renovate your bathroom, plan your rehab and avoid surprises.

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1. Decide on a plan

Before you start the remodeling, determine what needs to be improved or replaced and what just needs to be fixed.

Does the toilet drip and the flapper goes wrong? You may need to buy a new toilet. Also, if the tub pipe is leaking into the basement, you may need to replace the entire plumbing system. Mold may simply mean cleaning … or you may need to add ventilation. But the ugly, but functional vanity could work with a few small cosmetic changes, like a cheap new countertop. It can save you the (expensive) cost of new vanity.

The bathroom is full of fixtures such as toilets, washbasins, tubs and showers, so if you need to replace everything, it could be one of the most expensive rooms to refurbish. Knowing this in advance makes budgeting much easier.

Home flippers are advised to complete this step before buying a property. (Even when buying a private home, understanding what’s wrong with the bathroom and what’s ugly can also help you understand your budget.) Evaluate your property’s bathroom needs before you buy. You can estimate the approximate amount with. You need to invest.

Having trouble figuring out a plan, schedule, or budget? Bring a contractor. Even if you plan to manage the project yourself, their insights are invaluable.

Try DIY first

If you have already bought a home, consider a practical approach before buying a new one. Save a few dollars with a simple cleanup.

First, rub the dirt yourself. It can actually make a difference. And in the end, you may be surprised that you don’t have to buy new equipment or install new floors.In addition, a clean grout may make you aware of you please do not Shower tiles need to be replaced. I saved money!

(Do you want to rub yourself? Outsource this house to a handyman or house cleaner.)

Professional Tip: Improve Toilet

Everyone wants a clean and sparkling toilet. Would you like to turn the house over or rent it? Think about potential buyers or borrowers. If they see even the slightest rust or brown stain, they may be repelled, and in the end they may even decide that they do not want the property.

To give the old toilet a new look, replace the toilet seat. It’s ridiculously simple, but with this simple DIY you can make your toilet look brand new. Think of this as turning the kitchen cabinet around. In addition, brand new toilets can be very expensive, but toilet seats are not.


There are a few things to consider when creating a plan.

  • Is the bathroom damp? If so, plan to add more fans or upgrade to more powerful fans. Also, if moisture penetrates the walls or ceiling and mold develops, you will need to remove the drywall to the frame.
  • Are you interested in big decoration changes? To switch from single vanity to double vanity, you will need to readjust the entire floor plan.
  • What hidden budget murderers are lurking in your plan? For example, new wall and floor tiles can be expensive. If you’re flipping or renting a house, it may be better to keep what exists as long as it works.

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2. Dismantling

Once you have a plan, start creating a new bathroom. This means that if you change the floor plan or layout, remove everything that needs to be replaced or changed, such as floors and walls.

It is important to be in order during dismantling. Make sure all demolition is in order before you start installing equipment or changing bathrooms. Demolition includes stripping floors, removing appliances such as bathtubs and toilets, and removing old drywall.

If you start making changes without first exiting the dismantling process, you may dismantle new equipment or remove and reinstall them.

Some bathroom refurbishments really only require cosmetic enhancement. Nothing to tear> Skip to step 3.

3. Replace the fixture

Sometimes small things have the greatest effect. Equipment such as door hinges and knobs, lights, towel racks, shower heads, faucets, and toilet paper holders can be purchased and installed at low cost.

Everything inside out of our house has a standard less than $ 100 package that replaces all the important fixtures in the bathroom. Small bathrooms usually cost less than $ 50. We usually use frosted nickel or stainless steel hardware for our fixtures. Chrome is outdated and can look cheap.

New fixtures can really make the bathroom shine. This simple technique is a smart way to make your bathroom look brand new. Moreover, this is a cheap project and does not consume a lot of time.

Matching fixtures are even better. The colors and finishes of the discrepancy will obviously look ugly and the lessor or buyer will notice a subtle contradiction. If you are planning a long stay, it is even more important to choose equipment that suits you and that suits you together. When it comes to bathroom fixtures, spending a few dollars extra can be very helpful.

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4. Think about your luminaire

Blinking or dim lighting can make a room creepy and uncomfortable. Like the kitchen, the bright lights make the bathroom look more comfortable.

Replacing the bulb with a higher wattage may work, especially if you have a limited budget. Then you will be amazed at how it brightens the space.

Consider adding or updating lights in multiple locations. Of course, you need ceiling lighting and bathroom lighting, but consider the shower and bathroom areas as well. Is it too dark to see while taking a bath? Dim lighting can cause accidents and injuries, which can lead to proceedings for the landlord. Consider adding lighting to keep all areas bright.

5. Cleanup

Last but not least, hire a cleaner to clean the bathroom or clean it yourself. Make sure the shower, sink, floor and faucet are all shining. Then take a step back and enjoy your hard work.

No one likes a dirty bathroom. However, clean, bright and attractive bathrooms can make a difference between offers from many buyers and no offers.

How do you guarantee that your bathroom will seduce potential buyers rather than repel them?

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