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How to Get Rid of Critters Using … Urine?

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Squirrels are really cunning creatures. They can manage to get into a fairly small space. Here in Memphis, and elsewhere, I’m sure they love to enter the attic and crawling space.And I’m here to tell you, nothing surprises tenants more than hearing the fluttering fluttering of small feet of ceiling.

So what do you do?

First, find out where they are and try to seal them. It may be easier to find because it has a hole in the eaves. Also, the access point may not be found. I once had some creatures in my house, and I never knew where they were.

Then what?

You can hire an exterminator to come out and catch and remove it, but the exterminator can be expensive and usually comes back when the creature returns.

It can be poisonous. This may solve the problem of living things. But it may create something else. Especially during daylight savings time, creatures really stink when they die behind a wall. It may take several weeks for the odor to disappear completely.

Simpler solution

I found another solution, and it’s in your local hunting equipment store. No, it’s fox urine, not a .38 revolver. Fox urine comes in a small spray bottle and costs about $ 5. Hunters use it to hide the scent when in the woods.

I use it to trick squirrels and other creatures into thinking that something is at the top of the attic food chain. They smell urine and never leave and come back.

Simply put on your rubber gloves, spray the cotton pad with urine, and throw it where you can hear it. Don’t worry, humans can’t smell it.

This fox’s urine works 9 times out of 10 times. It’s cheap and easy and solves the problem.I’m all Landowner The problem was solved so easily.

Photo: Mr. T of DC

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