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How to Fund all Your House Flips by NOT Pitching Anything

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You’ve probably heard you need Elevator pitch To succeed with a real investment.

“No, I don’t need any of these” You might say …

Think again.

How you present yourself to others is very important-and how you do it has a lot to do with your thinking. What do you think about what you are doing.. But that’s the subject of another post

For this, let’s work on the real tactics, not the spiritual ones. Build a flip team for your homeAll you need is the right elevator pitch to look for deals or announce to your family that you’re going to turn your home full-time.

And you need something really good You are looking to collect money For your flip …

House Flip Elevator Pitch Basics

The way to introduce yourself to other people related to your business is so-called yours 60 seconds speech Or known as you “Elevator speech”.

One of the most important things to work on when you are brand new how Relay what you do when you meet others. This may be the people you know, it may be the general public, or other real estate professionals. How you actually do this is something you can play over time.

As we have discussed many times here, networking Very important to your success as a real estate investor. And when someone asks you what to do, your elevator speech is used.

What will your reaction be?

The answer can be different depending on who you are talking to, but keep it simple when it comes to elevator speech. There are four things to remember:

1. Do not picket, pitch: Use statements that appeal to people but don’t sell.

2. Engagement and interest: You want people to say after your pitch: “Oh, tell me more about it.” Also “How does it work?” If this happens, you are heading in the right direction.

3. Share a little: A good elevator speech will share a little information about your business and yourself. This gives you a little more opportunity to talk about what you are doing and how you are doing it.

4. Adapt to the event. A good elevator pitch can adapt to the type of event you are doing. If I attend Chamber of Commerce events or networking events, my elevator pitch is directed towards general real estate investment.so REIA meeting, I will explain in detail.

Elevator pitch example – basic

When I’m shopping, hanging out in the neighborhood, or in non-network situations “What are you doing?” Questions will always come up.

Sometimes I don’t even say the company name. I might say:

“I work with individuals and show them how much money they can make through the power of real estate.”

News how I just said what I said.

I have issued a statement that applies to all four points above.

Most of the time people ask me, “Well, really? How does it work?”

These are called “engagement statements”. This is a statement that requires involvement of the recipient of the statement.

I might also say something like this:

“I’m a full-time real estate investor and we’re investing for ourselves. And if you want to learn how others can invest in real estate, flip homes or buy. I will show you how to do it. ”

People like to hear the part of “making money”. Because it’s a kind of natural thing that people are attracted to. Usually this raises a second type of involvement question from them.

Elevator pitch example – Investor *

* Keep in mind that I’m just giving an example of how to talk to potential investors. You need to create your own “pitch” and be fully compliant with SEC regulations. Please consult a lawyer if necessary.

When meeting with potential investors I never say, never say:

“”Will you lend me some money? “

People wanted to invest money with me for a way I approach them by saying the following:

“I will work with individuals to show them how to make really great rates of return with their money.”

The next question from them is always: “Oh, how do you do that?”

And I might say:

“Well, we buy real estate and spend the money of others to do it. We have secured their interest in real estate, so everything is safe, safe and sound. And we only give them a really great rate of return with that money, this is what they are making on CD, or often in IRA, and what you have Much better than being there. “

I haven’t mentioned what that return is, and I Picking, not pitching.

People usually respond as follows: “Can you tell me more about it? You might be interested in it.”

So what did I do? I had a simple conversation.

I didn’t mean to think. “Hey, I’m going to talk to that person to see if I can collect money with them.”

Not at all.It’s just natural conversation Tell them what I’m doing and if you’re a little interested on their side, they may open their hearts.

Keep it simple and don’t sell or claim returns. If you have questions about how far you can say what you say, Seek legal advice.

Elevator Pitch Example – Other Real Estate Investors

If you’re talking to other real estate professionals, you might want to say:

“Hello Tom. I’m a real estate investor.”

A better follow-up to that is to ask them this first:

“Tell me a little about yourself and how you work in real estate.”

If they are real estate listed brokers etc., they may understand the business.

They might tell you something like this: “It’s great, we work with the buyer / we work with the seller.” At that point, you can say ..

“Are you interested in working with an investor like me?”

This can lead to potential business agreements with this type of real estate agent.

Elevator pitch: Last word ..And one little jewel

How to make potential contact with initials Elevator pitch And give and take conversations are definitely very important. I always find the modest approach to be the most effective.

And the tactic I always use is to get others to talk most of the time.

Most of us like to talk about ourselves. That OK, that humanity.

Most new investors want to say something like this: “My name is Tom Jones. I’m a real estate investor.” And just keep talking about myself While the audience is starting to think about what to eat for lunch …

The most favorite conversation topic for most people is myself. Yes it’s true.

So use this for your benefit! So few people do that.

If you can get people to talk to you you Manage conversations – You might think you’re in control because others are talking about you.

You control the conversation by asking others questions.And finally The law of reciprocity They say they will give back, so to speak, and start asking you about your business.

When I was a new real estate investor, I was so passionate and excited about what I was doing that I made the mistake of constantly talking about myself. I started talking very excitedly and didn’t give anyone a chance to talk about myself.

Looking back on those days And just crouch!

Don’t make that mistake. Resist the urge to talk about yourself constantly. No matter how excited you are about what you are doing.People are always more excited to talk about what they Is doing.

Use this and all other strategies here and tell us how it works!

If you get this far, leave a comment below! What do you think? What do you think really works for elevator pitches?

Please leave a comment and share your question — or ask me whatever you want about flipping the house!
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