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How to Flip Houses Like Instagram

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In 2010, a small California company opened the door to business.

With a small staff of four and very limited capital, they certainly lacked size and money, and even a telephone system.

What they had Unique vision, Surpass Kodak..

Even the most optimistic half-full of glass wouldn’t think this is possible remotely, given the humble beginnings.

But 18 months later, four small companies with no capital or phone system were sold to Facebook. $ 1 billion..

Perfect timing and perfect luck …right?

Instagram, the top page article of all business magazines around the world, has created a global sensation as its technology fits perfectly into the market. With millions of people taking pictures on their iPhones, suddenly any amateur may look like a professional photographer.

The right time, the right product, the right product …Perfect In every respect. right?


What’s interesting is that Instagram Instagram Not because they created a great app that many of us use today, but because they adhered to the principle of starting before everything was perfect. Stick to the next mantra:

“Completion is better than perfection”

And you, a real estate investor or a flipper in your house should do exactly the same thing …

The concept that “completion is better than perfect”

What many are unaware of is that there was a very buggy, unexpected precursor to Instagram. Scotch It was released many years before today’s Instagram. It didn’t have any of those cool filters that we all love, and it was very slow and full of bugs and technical issues.

Believe it or not, their first app was Whiskey app Called BurbnSo the name “Scotch” is pretty convincing.

It bombed … but the founder learned what worked and what didn’t.

But for Instagram people, the concept of photo sharing kept their motivation as well as their mission to outperform Kodak. Of course, which did they do – and in the process became millionaires.

Better than perfect in home flipping

When I first started Invest in real estate by flipping a house, I made a lot of mistakes. Looking back now, I have to laugh because I didn’t realize what I was interested in.

When you first enter this business, you want to do it right … but you don’t want to have too many obstacles to get in your way Do nothing.

At first I sinned …

But as soon as I realized I didn’t have to be perfect, that’s when I finally made my first one A really big breakthrough.

The important thing is to do it first when you first start … then I will complete it later.

This doesn’t mean creating a sloppy, crappy mess …Impossible. That means it won’t fail to boot … it just boots instead.

5 ways to get it done while it’s not perfect

When you first get started, be sure to do five things:

1. Get the business structure

It’s important to do that when creating a real estate business, but it’s not important to do this second right now. Sure, it’s important to establish a business structure like LLC, but many people are stuck at this step for weeks or months.

LLC, S Corp, DBA … There are many options.

Just pick up the phone, call a local lawyer, get it done, and get it done quickly – But when you do it, do it right.

Completion is better than perfect

2. Create a web presence

Don’t make the same mistakes I made when I first started here.

I thought I had to build my first website and get it up and running before actually getting out of the people. Websites for your business are important, but don’t get caught up in the details.

In my case, I spent a lot of time making sure everything was perfect. Perhaps I’ve been waiting too long in the sense of starting a business. I should have launched a fast website and shouldn’t have built it for months or months … I did.

The bottom line is this: set up your website, but it doesn’t have to be anything special. It will always be an ongoing task.

Completion is better than perfect

3. Get a business card

Recently, at a networking event, someone’s first impression was so bad that I received a business card with lines drawn on the numbers, new numbers written on them, and holes in the edges. You’ve probably seen these types of business cards, and they quickly project and give the impression of being non-professional.

Mike Nelson Wrote a great post Last week on this subject.

This kind of sloppyness is no excuse in today’s era. Especially because you can complete a business card with. Vistaprint For less than $ 20. Vistaprint is good enough for new investors, but I’m not using it now with full disclosure … but I used it when I first started.

It’s a great way to get a professional business card right now, before spending more money with a professional designer later.

Completion is better than perfect

4. Get out and test the pitch

We talked Your 62nd pitch Before. It’s important to get it right …But not at first.. It’s okay over time.

The problem is getting out there and getting started!

My friend is renaming the company, so he signed up for three different networking events, used three different 60-second pitches, and used three different names for each.

None of them were perfect, but he decided on his name based on the feedback he got.

This is the action!And such behavior Not perfect..

Do the same. Don’t worry if the pitch isn’t perfect yet … go out and try it out to see what happens … and adjust accordingly.

Completion is better than perfect

5. Get a contact management system

iContact, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, Salesforce… wWhat about hats?

All you have to do is have a system. As long as it’s some system, it could be an old shoebox at first.After that, you can graduate in earnest CRM Or an email contact system.

Managing contacts is what you do when you receive a business card from someone. And at the end of this business, you need to stay organized. Whatever you are comfortable with. Make sure you have it.

Your contacts are so important that you need to treat them that way. But don’t expect to spend hundreds of dollars a month managing your email contact system.

Set it up, accomplish it, and Get the network there And work on building your business.

Completion is better than perfect

Will you be the next Instagram in the real estate industry?

I hope you will be …

One of the things I know Just sitting there and waiting for things to be perfect doesn’t mean you do.

Don’t worry about being perfect. I didn’t do Instagram …So why should you?

Read a good book Lean Startup Why it’s not perfect to get started and why you need to get something Pivot, pivot, pivot Until you get it right.

I didn’t say I read it, it takes 3 months and then I start investing in real estate… read it that’s why You are doing all of the above.

And remember:

Completion is better than perfect

If you get this far, leave a comment below! What do you think? Is DONE really better than PERFECT? Leave a comment and share your ideas — or ask me whatever you want about flipping a house!

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