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How to Find a Contractor for Home Renovations: 9 Pro Tips

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Imagine this. A few weeks ago, I called six different contractors to find out about a small repair job at home. Each one went to voice mail. got it. You think they are busy with work and leave a message. A total of four people will call back and schedule an appointment with each to get a quote. Of the four appointments, two were not displayed. Want to know how to find a contractor (do not smoke)? You are not alone.

Of the other two, one contractor said he didn’t know how to work. Another said they would call back with a quote within 24 hours. Another local contractor will only handle the refurbishment of the entire house. It’s been a week and now his phone is disconnected. Now you are stuck without the help you need and repairs still need to be done. This scenario probably sounds too familiar to anyone who has tried to hire a contractor or handyman at home or in business.

Why is it so difficult to find a good contractor?

In the first place, contractors are generally not good business owners. Just because someone burns doesn’t mean you can run a bakery. The same is true for contractors. Just because someone can swing a hammer doesn’t mean they can answer the phone or appear on time.

Second, contractors are not always good. In many cases, it needs to be quick or cheap to meet specific needs. Real estate investors and homeowners are always looking for a good deal today. That is, they know they are expensive, too big for small maintenance tasks, and booked for three months, so they usually don’t call the best person for the job.

But this does not mean that you have to settle for a contractor that does not meet your needs. With some time and research, you can find a way to find a contractor who can do the job properly.

Despite what you just read, there are great contractors out there. However, it can take some time to find the best one for them and you. Here are some of the best tips for finding a good contractor and narrowing down the list.

1. Aggressive, not reactive

Have you ever heard the old phrase, “The best way to find a job is when you don’t need it”? The same principle applies to contractors. If you’re looking for just one when you need it, be prepared for the problem right from the start. Instead, act proactively. We will continue to evolve the list of people who can cause various problems and continue to add people to the list even if no one is needed at this time.

2. Understand price and cost

These two terms may sound the same, but there are important differences when it comes to hiring someone or investing in your business.

The “price” is the amount paid when you buy something, while the “cost” is the long-term amount paid for the life of the product or service. For example, dishwasher A could be priced at $ 400 and dishwasher B could be priced at $ 500. The first option is cheaper, but if you need an additional $ 20 / month for electricity that the second option doesn’t have, you won’t save anything in the long run.

You see, cost Than that price It’s a subtle difference, but it can have a huge impact on your business. This principle also applies to the employment of contractors.

3. Ask for referral

One of the best ways to find a good contractor is to ask others who you used for a similar job. This is a simple yet effective method and will help you. But get referrals from many different people you trust. When people know that contractors have done great work in the past, they may do so in the future.

4. Google them

References are great, but doing your own research is also the key to choosing a contractor. It’s like a referral … but from a lot of people on the internet. Here you can also see if they were part of a dubious activity or if there was a lively controversy. Check their profile at the Better Business Bureau to see if they are in good shape. If they are private, it can be a bad sign.

Searching for their name, company name, your city, and terms such as “scam,” “rip-off,” “complaint,” and “court” often uncovers danger signals about that person. For example, if you want to know more about Metropolis’s premier construction companies, search for:

  • First-class construction metropolis
  • Leading construction scam
  • First-class construction proceedings

5. Check the reference

Always check the reference. Even the references provided by the contractor are generally honest, despite what you might think. Also, be sure to ask for examples of the kind of work you are trying to accomplish.

We encourage you to request multiple referrals and referrals from the latest work they have completed. Call the contact and ask if the contractor appeared on time, if you completed the work, if you tried to change the amount during or after the work, and if you would like to use them again.

Ask even an expert you like who has worked in your home before. In most cases, good subcontractors tend to work with other good subcontractors. Ask your electrician if you know a good plumber. Ask the plumber if they know a good carpenter etc.

You can also see the following review sites Angie’s list (Currently Angi) or Yelp for review.

6. Ask a question

The references and recommendations are great, but they aren’t specified for you. Asking the right questions for your needs is a great way to find the right contractor for you. This pre-screening process helps you get rid of things you don’t like early on. Here are some examples you can use:

  • How long have you been involved in this job?
  • Which skill do you think you are good at? Do you like bigger remodeling jobs and smaller repairs more?
  • What kind of work do you hate?
  • In which city do you usually work?
  • How many employees are working for you? (Or, if you’re not talking to your boss, work for a company.)
  • How busy are you?
  • Do you get a permit or do I need to get one?
  • If I hire you, when can you start knocking out your job?
  • What kind of payment schedule do you like? When will the final payment be made?

Then set the time to meet and show them any projects. Schedule to see if they are on time, look like professionals, and see how they generally behave. Do they appear to be knowledgeable and capable of their work? If you feel everything is okay after this first meeting, you can informedly decide whether to hire them.

7. 6am Home Depot Trick

Go to the Home Depot at 6am and meet the contractor there.These are contractors who get up early and get supplies Previous Head to the scene. This is a strong indication that they know what they are doing and are not trying to take advantage of you. It’s not a silver bullet, but it can take the job seriously and give you the idea of ​​a contractor to start early in the day.

It’s also a good time to ask the store employees who they want to recommend. They have their own insights into the quality of the materials used by the contractors, as well as the experience level and management style of the people who buy from them.

8. Let the contractor compete

Sometimes the best answer is not to find one contractor, But some who can compete for your business. Competing them helps to develop a competitive edge that drives price and quality. If you let them know that you have other professionals at hand, they will definitely give you their best price, quality, and attention.

Some investors and homeowners bid and notify 3-5 contractors at the same time to minimize the hassle of meeting multiple contractors and encourage lean bidding. .. Keep their names and contact information in a convenient location so you can get them whenever you need them.

9. Identify potential contractors

Make sure they really have a license to do whatever work you are trying to do with them. If they are electricians, make sure they have an electric license. If they are plumbers, make sure they have a plumber license. If they are general contractors, make sure they have a general contractor license.

Then make sure they actually have the right insurance and bonds. Ask for the name of the insurance agency and check with that agency. A good contractor should be able to provide all this evidence.

Why you can’t find a good contractor

If you’re still struggling with how to find a contractor, that’s understandable. Finding the right one for you is a painstaking process. But sometimes it’s important to think about what you’re looking for in yourself, your subcontractors, and whether you’re doing the process in the way that works best for you. Here are four reasons why you make everything much harder on your own.

1. Your expectations are too high

You expect your contractor to be perfect in everything to check all the boxes you are looking for, and that’s just not possible. But that’s also why it’s important to have more than one on your list so that you always have someone for all your needs.

2. You always get the lowest bid

The traditional wisdom is to get at least 3 bids before making the lowest bid. Some people say that the more bids you have, the better. The problem is that the contract is a service, so you get what you pay for. Sometimes saving money means losing quality. Therefore, it is very important to know the difference between price and cost.

3. I don’t understand overhead quotes

The vast majority of good contractors do not give itemized quotes, especially because the majority of people do not understand the basics of the business, such as expenses. There is also a large falsehood that the markup of “fair” contractors is 15% to 20%. That is not true.

All contractors inevitably lower one part of the project and raise another. There are too many unknowns and variables to explain at the time of bidding. As a result, the entire project is cheaper and the contractor is guaranteed to lose money.

4. Your goals do not match

Most contractors want to offer quality work that they can be proud of, with fair wages to support themselves, their families, and their employees. Both quality and good wages are subjective, so it’s easy for your interests to disagree. But that’s why it’s so important to go through the process of finding the right contractor for your needs so that everyone is on the same page.

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