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How to Coordinate Rehab Jobs

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Even if you Hire a general contractorYou probably need to do some project management to complete your rehab work. Project management is half the arts and science, and it is very important to work as efficiently as possible. For one thing, every delay you have means another day you have to pay the cost of holding the property, and if you hold it you can collect rent. It means one day less.

If you have employees, it’s even more important to get the job done quickly, as every day an employee works in the field is another full-day salary you have to pay. These add up very quickly. If the three crew members work on average $ 15 per hour, the total is $ 360 per day. And if you include salaries, craftsmanship rewards, and other overhead, it’s like $ 500.

The first thing to do to complete a good project is to schedule the project together, without waiting for the transaction to complete. You should have a general idea of ​​what you want to do and how much it will cost before you get the property under the contract. However, once you have a contract, you need to perform due diligence to ensure that you understand everything you need to do (at least as humanly possible). Then, put together a detailed scope of work to determine who will perform each of these tasks and in what order.

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Working range

Currently, some general contractors oversee the entire project. However, many do not do HVAC, electricity, plumbing, etc. If you are using subcontractors or employees, you need to coordinate the work you do for each vendor, not just them. can not. So, after you’ve created a list of everything you need to do for a property, you need to know who will do the work. The procedure is generally as follows:

  1. Turn on the utility (plumbing, electrical, or HVAC repair may be required)
  2. Structural repair as needed
  3. Dismantling
  4. Plumbing, electricity, HVAC (some of this, such as faucets and other sanitary fixtures, can be stored for later use)
  5. General structure (internal and external)
  6. Painting
  7. Flooring
  8. Electrical appliances and other equipment
  9. System checks and punches out
  10. cleaning

This is not necessarily set on the stone. For example, structural problems may be minor and require only a few braces or epoxies in the basement. In that case, you can put it in the general construction section. Or, if you can’t supply electricity to your house to do a foundation repair so you don’t have to rent a generator, it’s a good idea to repair the electricity first. Or maybe the weather outside is really good and your favorite HVAC vendor is booked for a week or so. There’s no reason to wait for your contractor or employee to freeze or boil while working at the property.

Moreover, many can be run at the same time. This is not a step-by-step list. HVAC can be installed at the same time as the start of general construction. Or have the wood trimmed while the interior is being painted. Or have them gutter while the flooring is in.

However, it’s important to plan your attack before you start your project and get all the vendors you need in advance.


Unfortunately, many vendors are volatile. If you’re working with a vendor that’s unstable and you can’t trust to create a scheduled date, it’s time to look for a new vendor.

That said, if you’re a contractor trying to time a long project, in my experience it’s too much to ask for an exact completion date a few weeks before the project is complete. Almost every contractor I’ve ever met is consistently below that. Things take longer than expected, and most of the time you run into problems you didn’t expect at first.

Still, things need to be scheduled as closely as possible without causing confusion. If you can get the vendor to do the work at the same time, as in the example above, do so. If you can’t do it at the same time, you need to schedule it as closely as possible. So, for example, schedule painting to start immediately after construction is complete and flooring to begin shortly thereafter.

Vendors are often booked for some time. Also, when ordering delivery of an appliance, there is often a wait. Therefore, you need to proactively schedule these things in advance. Time is money, everyone in attendance.

It’s highly recommended to use some kind of spreadsheet or project management software to schedule everything and keep track of what happened, what was scheduled, and what still needs to be scheduled. The property is completely complete, but just because you forgot a small step during the construction stage, there’s one little thing that can cost you weeks to sit down.

System check

When all is done, go to Properties and do something called a system check. Something is always overlooked — by you, the scope or contractor under construction. It’s basically inevitable.

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So you don’t just believe that everything is done. Please go outside and check. Before making the final payment, do not just check the list of scoped items with the contractor (but you have to do that too), but in fact check all the systems.

There is a long spreadsheet that goes through after the construction of each project is completed. We check all light bulbs, all switches, all faucets, all doors and more. Is there a door stopper? Is there a hot neutral reverse outlet? Probably somewhere. This is the part where we find all those little ones and make a final list of one of the items. Then have the handyman or employee complete the list and schedule the cleaning of the property.

Of course, every project has challenges and surprises. This is not an assembly line and the two projects are not the same. That’s why it’s so important to stay ahead of the curve, plan your projects early, and work proactively and thoroughly throughout.

What advice would you give to manage your rehabilitation project effectively?

Let’s talk in the comments section below!

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