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House Flipping Exit Strategies and What A House Flipper Can Do

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Everyone seems to be always in focus when turning home input strategy- learn How to find a property, Use a wholesalerWholesale the property yourself, Real estate agent,Such.

But many of us Exit House flipping strategy.

But sometimes, regardless of the number of solid exit strategies you may have, there is always Bad things happen that were unpredictable a million years ago..

One of them happened to me just a few weeks ago …

If you have an ENTER strategy … you should have an EXIT strategy

Exit strategy Home flipping Or any form of real estate investment is just a backup plan. If things don’t go as planned on the flip side of the house, you have to think of a backup plan.

I know the excitement and excitement of buying a house. I can’t wait to start the remodeling and turn it into a beautiful and proud home.

It feels great, no doubt!

But of all the emotions that turn over in the house, the best of all is after all your efforts have been rewarded when you get out of the closing with a really big check. In the range of 5 digits..

*** It’s interesting to write this because it reminds me that I should probably enjoy the moment more and more. The truth of the matter is that I’m refurbishing so many homes right now, I’m not enjoying it, or maybe it won’t take long to enjoy it-I flip the home first About the same as when I started. Whatever you do, don’t do this! *** ***

Because things TRUE It doesn’t work … They did it for me recently… how i longing Because of that feeling – and it makes me take it for granted.

House flipping exit plan

For exit plans, you need to implement that plan from the beginning.The plan should be implemented and decided before you make your offer Your MAOPull out the calculator to decide 70% formula or before finalizing ARV..

Before all this comes, you should already understand your exit plan.

It reminded me, especially because of recent events Exit plan The most important decision to make on a real estate investment-whether you buy and turn around, or buy and hold for long-term rental income.

For the purposes of this article, let’s assume your plan is to buy, remodel, and sell a home, make a profit, and move on to the next flip.

By the way … if you’re spending money from one flip and expect to find another soon afterwards, That would be your first mistake.. I never have Relying on funding from one closing to buy another property.

It is certainly OK to use the money from one flip to fund another flip. However, if you do not close the first property in time to buy the next property, you need to be prepared for immediate access to money from other sources of funding.

Let’s go back to the sales plan …

After buying a property, stop and think for a moment “What will happen to my sales plan if things go wrong?”

4 house flipping exit strategies you need to know

I know it’s hard to think of everything that might go wrong. Especially when everyone tells you that it is very important to always be positive in real estate investment.

I speak Here’s the idea of ​​Bigger Pockets How important it is to always and positively think in overcoming your fears.

But this is not the case … this is a good business plan to prevent disasters from coming in front of you. You want to be positive and not responsive.

That said, a wise man named Dick Bruce once said:

“If the plan fails, it will fail.”

In line with the words of the Sage Bruce, there are four strategies you must follow:

1. Lower the price

Do you know the break-even price?Are you ready to sell and make money, or even lose a little money? So isn’t it devastating to your business?

The idea is to know what the break-even point is. You also need to know the monthly shipping costs. That way, you can anticipate a price cut strategy and actually work with a listed broker to plan for a price cut after many days.

You need to know what the maturity date of your loan is and you need to plan for it.

2. Run the lease option

Leasing options may allow you to actually get the price you need for your home.

A lease option is just an agreement between you and the buyer that provides a down payment (called an “option payment”) to rent the property until you can exercise the option you want to buy. Buyers of leasing options are usually people who have a stable income but happen to be unable to qualify for a traditional loan.

This can be for many reasons, but they are on the road to credit recovery and probably have plans to recover credit in 18-24 months.

Most importantly, you will need to know if your lender agrees to extend your loan to allow for a longer period of time. If the answer is no, you need to make sure that another bank or financial institution refinances the loan.

Proactive Planning – Not a reactive plan, so you can save years of life in these situations.

3. Lend out

If the leasing option does not work, you can always rent to a qualified tenant at a general market price.

This is even better if you do a survey in the area and find that there is demand for rent.

If your home financing comes from a hard money lender or other type of short-term financing that your monthly payments are fairly high, refinancing to a long-term mortgage to reduce your monthly costs Please consider.

4. Punt …And take a loss

What if I implemented all of these exit strategies …But don’t any of them really work?

It happens to be 5 years later Real Estate Investment, I realized I was in that situation right now.

This is the story … I will explain briefly.

  • I partnered with a builder for real estate and he handled the closure of the land.
  • Then I refinanced the land purchase with a loan to build a house on the land.
  • Such refinancing usually does not take out the owner’s title insurance because it is already insured at the time of purchase.But in this case, the land Purchased at auction.
  • Now that the title is clear and marketable, we’re closed and everything is fine.
  • The house is built and sold to highly motivated buyers.

It’s not that fast, but …

  • At the closing time, the closing attorney found in the title something that other title examiners had never discovered in a land court examination since 1930.
  • Normally, the title search does not date back to 1930, but in this title search, They did.

Yes, friggin’1930 …

  • Now, the property we bought at auction, built a house, and sold it to a buyer who is already very happy …Currently, there is no clear title.
  • Okay: “No problem. At least I have title insurance, so there is no problem.”… or thought so.
  • I call the builder / partner and ask them to send me the title insurance policy.
  • To my disappointment, he always says he buys it. But in this case he didn’t buy it …

Conclusion: We can’t sell a home.

With house flipping recovery rediscovery

No matter who blames us, we must understand to get out of this – Without suffering a big loss.. Now we still understand it …

One of the “punt” options we immediately came up with was to rent to the buyer for 3-6 months to solve the problem. (We hope it will take that long to pass the land court).

In this way, buyers can get the house they want and move in immediately. We collect rent to cover our monthly expenses and everything is going well.

It ’s perfect, is n’t it? error.

The buyer was advised not to make this type of rental agreement. Just when we thought we were out of the forest … we are still in the middle of the forest.

Our best quote is that you need to clear the title Within 6 months.. At that point, we will relist it and sell it immediately.

Fortunately, we have a huge cushion and can absorb this additional monthly cost, but it’s really a shame to do that …We are still looking for a solution.

What do you think we should do?

What would you do if you were in my situation?

If you can do this, Please leave a comment below! I want to hear What you think we should do In this worst scenario. thank you! !! !!

Photo: Ben McLeod

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