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Buy & Hold In A Hot Real Estate Market? Do This Instead

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Everyone wants to be a landlord.

OK, such a comprehensive statement does not hold water, but the majority of people who participate in this site are interested in buying and holding real estate. That’s great — that’s what I want to do.

If you live in a hot market where home prices are well above rent, becoming a landlord can be a defeat proposition. Cash flow means making money every month after recording expenses. If your rent doesn’t even cover your mortgage payments, you just bought the job yourself.

This is the case for my local market. Do you know the 1% rule? Does anyone say that you should charge 1% of the purchase price of your rent every month? At the high end, .66% is displayed.

Have you ever thought play??

The landlord wants to buy a house that is already in good condition. The property does not start making money until it is rented. And you’re lucky to find a tenant who pays the privilege of living through construction.

Homeowners also want the finished home. Living through rehab is dirty and quickly debilitates your mind.

If the buy and hold number doesn’t make sense Analyze your market See if flipping is a better option.

Know your market

Your local market is unlike any other market. Place, place, place — do you remember? People want to live next to the sea and will pay a premium to do so. They don’t tend to pay a lot to live in the middle of the country — at least the part where there’s nothing cool nearby.

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If you find yourself living in those higher dollar areas, rents don’t seem to make any sense. You shouldn’t expect gratitude, but sometimes it’s your only hope.

My own local market in the Denver area is insane. Two properties have hit the market on my streets for the past three months. Ignore that they went over the list price and were going to rent them out and were sold to cash buyers who didn’t need to be inspected in a few days. The duplex sold for $ 330,000. The total rent is $ 2,050.

The other house is a single house. It sells for $ 265,000 and rents $ 1,200. A 4% 30-year mortgage, down 20%, shows a tax-excluded $ 993 payment. Our taxes are really low, but when we take into account fixed investment and wealth management, this is losing money every month.

Open your heart, but follow the rules

Buy and Hold seems to be the top real estate proposal for building a passive income flow. But even if you hire a management company to do it for you, buy and hold isn’t 100% passive.

Flipping is also not passive. I’m not saying so. But hiring the right people to do your job, or doing it yourself and hiring true professionals who know what they’re doing, is great, almost passive. It may be a source of income.

There are all different levels of reversal, from basic painting and cleaning to complete bowel rehab up to the studs.

There are three keys to flipping that determine your success or failure.

  1. Buy correctly. If you spend too much money on the purchase, you will notice that you are behind the eight-ball from day one. Run your number based on what has already been modified and equivalent properties sold recently. Make sure you are using the equivalent property. Do you remember the location?
  2. Make an accurate budget (and stick to it). After you get the property, you need to rehabilitate it before you can bring it back to the market for a fortune. The easiest way to get rid of all your profits is to exceed your budget. If you have a $ 3 / sq ft budget for flooring, choosing a $ 5 / sq ft flooring material will waste that line item. Your budget should be able to withstand small excesses here and there and still benefit you. But when all the lines exceeded the budget, profits jumped out of the window. You don’t have to love the finish. I don’t live there. The finish should be stylish and properly installed.
  3. Hire a quality contractor. This most important element of your success is also one of the most difficult to achieve.Many posts have been written The best way to find a contractor.. One of J. Scott’s best secrets is to talk to people at The Home Depot at 6am and 7am. They are the early risers who are preparing for the day’s work. He also recommends not talking to anyone there at 10am and 11am. They are those who are just crawling out of bed or forgetting an important element of the day’s work.

Flip hot market

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Hot market homes need more work to make a profit. Ugly but livable homes don’t look so bad for people who can’t find a place to live elsewhere. In hot markets, the value you add needs to be important.

In my hometown, there is an agent and flipper guy. In the last few years, our market has really taken off, and small flips aren’t worth the effort, as their “ugly” homes are selling for the best dollars.

Buy these top-priced ugly homes and enter a local hero to add value. It’s worth a lot. He routinely spends $ 75,000 to $ 100,000 on each home, but then looks back and lists properties that are at least $ 200,000 more than he paid just a little while ago.

Of course, the house looks completely different. The latest style of high quality finishes drives his home into a bidding war. He knows Comp very well — mainly because he created it!

Not all properties are good candidates for a reversal, but if market prices are above rent, it may be time to shift your strategy and look for new sources of income.

Did you succeed in jumping from one niche to another?

Share your experience below!

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