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Budget-Friendly DIY Kitchen Remodel With Before and After Photos| Blog

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Welcome to my kitchen! This reno was all done in DIY, from concrete counters to kitchen hoods, brick backsplashes and blackboard walls.

The following video will walk you through the process.

First, I know how it feels. I remember how I felt when I stepped into this property. When faced with an old kitchen, you don’t know exactly which layout works best.

This particular kitchen once had huge walls, everything was really small and really closed. So it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with DIY, be aware of my budget, and create a really beautiful space. And that’s what I was here.

From start to finish, let’s see how to reach this final result.

Affordable DIY Kitchen Refurbishment with Investor Girl Brit

The state of the kitchen in front is as follows.

As you can see, there isn’t much counter space and the stove is blocking many cabinets. I knew I could make this better. However, it required a fairly large refurbishment.

1. Make a plan

Note: Before you start taking a wall, it is important to know that it is not a bearing wall. If you have an old house with stucco walls, it is also important to know that the stucco may contain asbestos. Be sure to test before you start a complete kitchen restructuring.

To understand the layout a little, I drew something on the paper in advance. But when I’m actually in space and it’s completely blank, I think it’s easiest. You can really see what happened in your picture and in your head.

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2. Wall removal

Here is the first tricky part. After lowering the wall, it needs to be patched and fixed so that it looks like it didn’t exist in the first place. Needed to make the two rooms look perfectly seamless.

Drywall is not an easy task. It will probably take longer than expected and will be a little more difficult. But if you can get it done, it’s very rewarding. Make sure you are ready for major arm training.

3. Cabinet update

I decided to use an IKEA cabinet for this property.Used in most cases Rental property.. I feel the quality is really great in terms of price.

I decided to sand this cupboard and paint it. I love the green of my choice. There is a little contrast.

All IKEA cabinets, including hinges and all the necessary hardware, cost less than $ 2,000 for this kitchen.

4. Create a new countertop

Next, we made our own concrete countertop. This was a huge project and a lot of work. But in the end, it only cost us $ 500. This saved me a lot of money compared to adding quartz or granite.

Later Brit DIY Kitchen

4. Construction of range hood

This range hood was the focus of this wall. I really love this. Since it’s from Archways & Ceilings, it’s actually custom-made to fit the space, shipped, and then finished to your liking. This cost about $ 400.

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5. Backsplash installation

Perfect for this kitchen, I used a brick back splash. Usually I created the tiles. Subway tiles are an excellent option at a very affordable price. However, I decided to use bricks because it fits the industrial look I was aiming for.

Because these particular bricks are plaster, they are very light and very easy to install.

6. Hang the floating shelf

I love the look of the floating shelf.They are especially Great for Airbnb properties Guests can easily find glasses, plates, and plates. It only makes it very easy for them to navigate the kitchen.

It’s a big L-shaped kitchen, so I wish I had a movable island. I chose IKEA and custom painted it.

Great for when you need extra counter space, it’s not too expensive, but it’s a great detail that people will love.

7. Add a finishing touch

Sometimes you are left with awkward spaces, as I was next to the pantry in this kitchen. So I decided to incorporate it, so it seemed like I intended it to be there.

And I was able to create a place for the blackboard wall and the hanging garden. These are really nice, especially for Airbnb properties, as you can write wifi passwords and messages to guests on the blackboard.

Before and after DIY kitchen remodeling

Brit DIY kitchen before after


Once the renovation is complete, I like to stage my property, especially the kitchen. That way, you can take really great pictures. And even if it’s a long-term rental, you’ll have those pictures for future ads over the years to come. So I’m trying to make it look the best I can.

Take nice pictures. It’s worth the time it takes to staging.

Another thing I say is that it’s very important to get a quote and consider if it’s worth doing it yourself. Much of what we do ourselves saves us a lot of money, but working on some of these projects is not always worth your time. You really need to consider whether it’s worth doing DIY or hiring.

I know that if you are considering such a large project, especially if you are a beginner, it can be very overwhelming. So start small and go step by step. You don’t have to look at it as one complete project. Maybe you just do a few little things to get used to it.

Please do your best in the kitchen remodeling! I can’t wait to see them. I know it will be a daunting task, but it will be very rewarding when completed.


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