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Analyzing the Deal [Video Walkthrough!]

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Hello, this is the Bigger Pockets community!I’m pretty excited to start working on a huge new rehab When Share your trip with everyone. (Yes, I’m from Texas. Say “I’m here!”)

My investment journey I became a real estate agent About 5 years ago, it quickly led to many people Correct and flip Other development projects around downtown San Antonio.

This is a huge project and is definitely for new investors and those who are afraid of major rehab. Still, the strategy used serves as a valuable lesson for those who are starting in this niche. Over the next few months, I’ll be touching every part of the house and hopefully reverting it to its former historic masterpiece.

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Obviously, this is an extreme aspect of the reversal (foundations, roofs, a lot of structural work, etc.), but there is a significant amount of rehab in a similar range as it can improve profitability and does not address quality issues. Completed or repair something that may be on the last leg.

In the next few videos, we’ll run the entire rehab process. This too:

  1. Transaction analysis
  2. Creating a floor plan
  3. Cooperation with contractors / project management
  4. Real Estate Marketing and Sales / Cooperation with Real Estate Agents
  5. Creating system / workflow optimizations
  6. Overview of rehabilitation / final walkthrough
  7. Transactions for closing at the closing table / under contract

It will be a great trip, and I hope you are with us in the ride!

Check out Episode 1: Transaction Analysis

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