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8 Home Improvement Ideas Under $500 | Real Estate

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This post describes the improvements you can make to your property for less than $ 500. Let’s dive right away.

Low cost property upgrades

  1. paint

Paint really pops, especially when resident or future resident goes through. They smell that fresh paint, and it really gives your unit that pop.

In the video above, the unit shown is just below 700 square feet. A two-tone paint scheme with a gray base and white trim cost only $ 375.

  1. hardware

Replacing hardware such as doorknobs and cabinet handles can have a significant impact.

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  1. fan

Fans are another little thing that can be of great help, especially if existing fans are really outdated.

  1. Flooring

Is there a carpet in the room that can be stripped of vinyl or laminate and applied to the entire room? You can get it at a very affordable price.

  1. blind

Blinds are very cheap. Replacing the blinds can cause the unit to pop a little, even if the blinds are in place and in operation.

  1. electric appliances

Some stainless steel appliances may be discounted at second-hand appliances stores. It can also be just above the $ 500 range and between $ 500 and $ 700.

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  1. Countertop / cabinet

Changing the surface of the countertop and cabinet can make a big difference. Charges in this range. The video unit was able to earn $ 160 for each resurfacing. We do it through economies of scale. This property has 80 units, so you can use it at a more affordable price.

  1. Back splash

This is one thing Planned tenants I really notice. And it was completed for only $ 125 — materials and installation!


So these are some improvements that can be made for less than $ 500. Even if you have a limited budget, these upgrades allow you to put your units even higher.

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Are there any cheap upgrades to add to this list?

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