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8 Clever Ways to Save Big Bucks on Your Next Fix & Flip

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of Previous articleMainly talked about how to shake the desired design template Modify and reverse investors.. Of course, the landlord cares a little, Wholesaler Note that I couldn’t care too much, and investors can now go to the next blog post.

Previously, I focused on design inspiration: where to fill my head with the ideas that everyone wants. I forgot to tell you to do your homework, but I think you’ve ever gone out and filled your head with design ideas, right? Now that you’re inspired, let’s talk about implementation within your budget.

8 smart ways to save a lot of money with the following fixes and reversals


I have used and abused my Amazon.com account for years. Prime membership? of course. Do you order at least one a week? That’s right! Would you like to order lots of cheap snacks and drinks in my Disney hotel room for a week’s trip, including a virtual palette of 24 Monster Energy drinks? Have you met me? absolutely!

What they didn’t realize they had was an item that was useful in the real estate aspect of my life. But soon, my rehabilitation included kitchen cabinet hardware, a fire alarm, a carbon monoxide detector, and Amazon’s stove vent hood. Home Depot and Lowe wanted $ 5 per cabinet handle for satin nickel. I got 25 packs from Amazon for $ 30.

They appeared two days later and were of great quality. I don’t know if you’re tracking at home, but that’s a big savings. Bent food was $ 150 at a local hardware store and a similar one was $ 79. Not everything is complete (I couldn’t find the hinge I was looking for at one point), but in the next mod, I’ll check everything from doorknobs to lamps, compare prices, and probably save a ton of money. ..

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Three or four reputable fix and flip investors I know kept talking to me about this site, but of course it took me a while to actually check it. Holy Molly! This place is the central design of Chipo. That’s me! After finding the actual brand of the special custom hinges used in my last 1960s kitchen, I found them on Build.com for $ 1.50 each. I have already considered lighting, bath equipment, and all the extensive assortments in between for my next project.


As I said before, if you’re thinking of copying a popular design to a cheaper one, someone there has thought about it and posted a blog or video on how to do it. A good example: I was looking for a cost-effective look of a notch. A quick google search led me to a blog detailing how a lovely lady bought 5mm plywood, cut it into 6-inch strips, and nailed it to the wall with nickel for spacers.

Then, if you paint the whole thing white, the average person wouldn’t know if they paid $ 1,000 or $ 100 for the fashionable look. I want to do a little bit of the exact same thing in my house. Google, thank you for connecting me with my fellow humble people!

Big box clearance and sales

Your local Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menards (that is, I’m on the west coast) often create space for new stocks and styles while removing scratches and dents returned. What is it like? From lighting to appliances, and everything in between.

If you can poke in for their frequent clearance items or know the appliance department, you can get the look you want at a much lower cost. Combine it with annual sales (I know the fix and flipper that picks up all 4-5 sets of appliances in a Black Friday explosion) and store the appliances in a warehouse for future work. The retail price is for suckers!


Just above the vinyl flooring, the laminated countertop has the same stigma as you would always have in a kitchen in the 1960s. Nobody is using this dinosaur material yet, right? Wrong!

Like all methods and techniques, it’s finally much better. Finishes, edges and patterns are ever and at a price we are laminating every home! It’s half the price of granite and we’re still getting the same highest price in the neighborhood below the median (and more than a few).

From a business and cheesy point of view, it makes sense to put a nice laminate instead of dropping money on a hard stone surface. I see a laminate in a spec house that goes for over $ 1 million (although it’s in the laundry room). We’ve heard rumors that investors are starting to use vinyl flooring in their flip projects. Maybe vinyl will be redeemed soon, and we will all use it.

Tile / Flooring Supplier

Not only do these respectable people tell us what’s trending right now, but my new tile / carpet store shows cheaper options without hesitation about what I want. Gave me. They worked with several fix and flip investors to tell us exactly what those guys / gals are using, pricing, and of course the amount of inventory.

Another opportunity is when the tiles you need to move are in stock and you want to trade. The more you know about this company, the more likely you are to jump to something cheaper than the average investor.

House flipping

Construction of recycling store

There are several stores in my area (Colorado) that sell recycled building materials. Choose from a wide selection of bathtubs, doorknobs, and entire kitchen cabinet sets. For small rehab, it’s pretty cheap, so check their choices to see what they have. In a recent project, I got a 48-inch cabinet for use as a “wall island” in the kitchen. With paint and a new countertop, this solution was cheaper than a big box store and easier than the hassle of Craigslist. by the way…


Oh, Craig, your list can be both great and annoying. Good deal? of course! A flimsy person everywhere? one hundred percent.

Craigslisting (which I now claim as a verb) is an art form, and if you’re good at it, shopping for multis, cabinet hardware, doors, tubs, or other items is fine.

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From the entire kitchen to the free roots, if you can negotiate and act quickly, you can make amazing deals here. When I landscaped my last project, I was surprised to see a company posting about a free mulch with a driveway drop-off. free? That’s the right price!

Don’t underestimate the power of SELLING on Craigslist. The seller who just remodeled the bathroom gave me this idea just a few months ago. When he makes renovations, he sells kitchen / bath cabinets, sinks, and even toilets. Yeah, people buy used toilets on Craigslist — for $ 20 to $ 30 in pop! If you do math, the new ones you put in will cost $ 80 or so. Selling an old toilet for $ 30 means that you can effectively buy a new toilet for a net $ 50 with a little effort.

I immediately installed bathroom fixtures from the 1960s, a yellow sink and a corresponding yellow toilet, and pink toilets in other bathrooms. The cost of the photo and it took 5 minutes to post it. I sold a yellow item in a week or so. Money is money, better than throwing it in the trash. Try this in your next project. Unless there is a problem, someone will buy it.

There you have it — six ways to quickly punch your budget in your mouth and cry and send it home. In the bright red market, you can easily escape with a laminated countertop. who cares! If you have 40 shows in 2-3 days and then 8 offers, you will receive the full price of the stone-like product.

When the market changes, your modest activities will be rewarded by making tighter deals work by saving your rehab budget. Keep an eye out for what’s happening in your market. As competition intensifies, it may be necessary to revert to older standards such as granite and high-end appliances. So renew your design, make sure your materials don’t break your budget, and get out there and flip some homes over!


How do you get your reversal budget on track?

Let us know your tricks and tips in the comments!

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