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7 Reasons To Start Flipping Houses By Wholesaling

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Many people who want Let’s start turning the house I’m having a hard time Understand how to do so.. Maybe you learned a lot and educated yourself to the point where you could and should have already started. Why isn’t it?

Why most new investors can’t start taking action

In most cases, the fear of confusion when dealing with such huge investments will prevent us from actually taking the plunge. Other than that, the lack of money to buy flips and the lack of knowledge and skills to rehabilitate a home also plays a big role.

For most people new to flipping houses, I recommend starting with wholesale. You can avoid all these problems just by starting with wholesale. Wholesale is the contracting of a house (usually 70% of the fixed market value minus repair costs minus what you want to create as a “wholesale fee”) and assigning that contract or the house. Close and sell to another investor as is. The goal is always to try to allocate a contract, as the risk and money of the transaction is much less.

Here are seven reasons why we recommend wholesale as the best way to start turning your home.
Note: Highly recommended Marketing to motivated sellers and buying from there This is in contrast to dealing with listed bank-owned real estate. The following benefits are related to purchasing directly from these retailers.

1. You can start with very little money

You don’t have to have a lot of money to sign a house and then allocate a contract. If you’re marketing directly to a motivated seller (private seller), the full-scale amount is only $ 1. I usually pay $ 25 for full-fledged money.

When you assign a contract to an end buyer, the end buyer is responsible for closing the transaction and all costs associated with it.

2. No need to take ownership of the house

When you assign a contract, you never take ownership of the house. You are not the person who closes the deal, so you never enter the title chain. This eliminates many of the risks and costs associated with owning a home that is likely to be vacant and could be repaired or sold.

3. You can make a lot of money very fast

Wholesale allows you to make big money in a very short time. Usually within a few days or weeks. Compare it to the time it takes to close a house, repair it, sell it, sell it, and finally close it and get paid. In some cases, it can be half a year.

This will help you prepare for the transition to other reversals and investment methods by allowing you to learn more on the streets and build reserves. This cash reserve is highly recommended for anyone who wants to turn the house over or become a landlord.

4. Wholesale allows you to know what the deals really are

If you are I have a problem selling wholesale transactions, You either have too many questions or you don’t have enough investor buyers. Usually the former. We encourage you to study this lesson while wholesale. That way, when you make your first fix and flip, you’ll already know the deals from your experience.

5. Wholesale allows you to network and build relationships with successful investors

In the process of selling transactions to experienced investors, you begin to build relationships with them. If you are selling home run deals to them, this friendship will be immediate.Benefits of having Friendship with these successful investors It’s hard to price, it’s really irreplaceable. You may end up with a local mentor who can help you move on to corrections and reversals.

6. Wholesale allows you to become a master who finds great deals

This can be considered a wholesale negative.You need to Find better houseflip deals Than what your buyers are finding. This is because you need to buy cheaper to match the wholesale fees to the transaction.I see this as a profit as you learn how to work on and improve your marketing as you can Increase the number of leads you are getting So that you can find those home runs.

I’m also convinced that many people are just paying a lot because they are too afraid to offer. When you wholesale, you have to offer less. Would you like to make it a habit?

7. Easily wholesale your home part-time

Wholesale can be done part-time because you don’t have much to do. Most of your time is working on marketing and creating offers. If you learn how to properly select leads, you know which homes are likely to be traded and which aren’t, so you don’t have to look at too many homes.

Corrections and reversals can be very time consuming and stressful. I love wholesale homes and make more than repair and retail homes. It doesn’t always happen, but when it happens, it feels great.


If you’ve learned enough to think you should start, but are plagued by the risks and costs associated with buying, repairing, and repairing a home, you should seriously consider wholesale.

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