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5 Remodeling Materials I Swear By (Perfect for Flips, Rentals, and More)

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Home remodeling can be a daunting task! Especially for inexperienced investors and homeowners who don’t know the materials and choices. There are many things to consider when it comes to material modifications. From budget to buyer’s tastes, finishes, color schemes and textures, it’s enough for everyone to spin their heads.

Most of the best and most frequent Flippers I have a system and repeat them over and over again. This also applies to the offers they write, the contractors they hire, and the materials they use. Familiarity with the materials not only allows investors to better control their budgets, but also allows them to make quick and easy refurbishment decisions.

Many of my flips follow a very similar system, regardless of shape, size or location. And I use versatile materials many times. Here are five of my favorite remodeling materials.

Top 5 Materials I Choose When Remodeling a Home

1. Vinyl board flooring

The best thing about vinyl flooring is that it can be used in every corner of the house. If you buy a waterproof one, you can install it in any room in your house. Things like this are incredibly versatile! Easy to install and looks great!

Depending on the quality you’re looking for, you can buy for less than $ 2 per square foot, or more than $ 5 per square foot. I installed it for only $ 1 per square foot, but a good estimate is $ 2 to $ 2.50 per square foot. There are dozens of finishes that can be matched with existing color palettes or finishes.

Photo: StyleByEmilyHenderson.com

Another great thing about vinyl flooring is that it’s especially good. landlord Homeowners with dogs and young children can replace it little by little. If you simply need to replace one or two parts, you will need to uninstall the floor up to that point, but you can reinstall the parts that are still in good condition.

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2. Plain weave carpet

This type of carpet is stylish and looks good and can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces. It can be easily upgraded in the solarium, patio, veranda and even in the garage. You can add textures and dimensions to any space to suit different decorations. This type of carpet also comes in a variety of styles, colors and textiles.

Plain weave carpet 1
Photo: DF Designer’s Favorite

The choice of plain weave carpet is usually cheaper than other rugs and can accommodate low door clearances.

3. Butcher block countertop

Just like vinyl boards, there are plenty of color and texture finishes on the butcher block countertops! This material can be added dimensions, completed selections, or considered “upgrades”, depending on the market. Use the same material and see how incredibly different these two kitchens look.

bb counter 1
Photo: HomeDepot.com
bb counter 1
Photo: Zillow Digs House in Phoenix, Arizona

Butcher block countertops are cheap (at least when compared to quartz or granite) and relatively easy to install. Needless to say, they are trendy and appeal to a wide range of buyers. Tenant.. As an additional bonus: They are naturally antibacterial, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. However, special care must be taken to protect the wood and these countertops cannot be cut.

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4. “Agreeable Gray” paint

Gray paint — everywhere! Apply light gray paint with a white border to the entire house and any remodeling will be untouched. It is bright, sharp and luxurious.

If you want to add a wall of accents, darken one or two, or choose blue, pink, brown, or even green in the same color family (hardware store paint store or paint department, accents are the main It harmonizes with the color of the wall). This connects everything and works well with most counters, cabinets and tiles.

The photo below is from my first flip. One of the things I did right (probably the only one!) Was to choose a paint color. Light gray paint spreads throughout the house, adding a dark accented wall as an upgrade. Gray connects flooring, doors and trim and looks clean, complete and new.

This was from my first flip. One of the things I did right (probably the only one!) Was to choose a paint color. Light gray paint spread throughout the house, and as an upgrade, we added a wall with dark accents. Gray connects flooring, doors and trim and looks clean, complete and new.

5. Drop lamp

Again, like any other material, these have a very wide price range, but can add many dimensions to the refurbishment. They also feel luxurious and, if properly placed and properly selected, can change the basic refurbishment from “somehow” to “attractive”!

Photo: LNC Home

You can add extravagant elements like the one in the photo above, traditional and rustic ones like the one in the photo below, or something in between.

Drop light
Photo: FeastHome.com

The best part of drop light fixtures: you can DIY them completely to create a unique space!

This is a cheap and easy DIY project and you can add a lot to your home remodeling.
Photo: Etsy.com

Many uncertainties when undergoing remodeling, whether it’s your own home, a home you plan to turn over for sale, or add to your rental portfolio There is certainty. It is very helpful to have some reliable materials and choices when planning your budget, finish quality, and refurbishment timeline.

Familiarizing yourself with the materials and processes will give you a great sense of security.

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