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5 Bedroom Designs Even I Couldn’t Think Up

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The great people I turn home understand that I’m a little dreamer. I would like to imagine what the finished product will look like as we walk through the house before the renovation begins.

Most of my creative juice has been used up in kitchen and bathroom design. I will be the first to admit that the bedroom is sometimes overlooked. Often, the bedroom is another old-fashioned room with one or two doors, a closet, and windows.

And I feel it’s not fair …

So today I wanted to share with you the design of the five bedrooms that blew my socks off. These designs are breathtakingly creative and unparalleled – especially #Five I can’t stop watching it.

How do you think these bedroom design features can be incorporated into the next remodeling?

Please let me know by leaving a comment below!

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# 1 | Island Bedroom, France

remove – In chilly New England, it may not be possible to achieve such an “elementally open” bedroom design, but using this theme to create a fascinating seaside atmosphere for my upside-down home. I can. New England coastline.

# 2 | Underwater bedroom, Maldives

remove – This bedroom is the epitome of permitting in nature. You can create a similar (and much easier) effect by creatively using windows that fill the room with natural light. No one wants to sleep in a small dark corner.

# 2 Underwater bedroom Maldives

# 3 | Holy Closet, Farnum Royal

remove – People have a lot of “things” here in America and want a good place to put them. A floor-to-ceiling glass showcase dedicated to shoes may not be on my budget, but I don’t underestimate the importance of a good closet space.

# 3 Holy Closet Furnam Royale

# 4 | The power of bricks

Takeway – How can you use a character that already exists in your house, like an old brick wall, instead of breaking it?

# 4 The power of bricks

# 5 | What a view, Hamilton Island

remove – It’s never much better than waking up to the scenery like the picture above. Let’s face it, most of the houses we turn over aren’t going to have incredible views. Still, I think it’s important to see the scenery around the house. How can I get the most out of the scenery I have?

# 5 View of Hamilton Island

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