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43 Times When Flipping Houses Is Not All Fun and Games

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Turning a house upside down isn’t always as attractive as it is usually made. Yes, there is enough money to make money, but things don’t always go smoothly. There is work involved. There can also be a lot of frustration.

Over the years, we have experienced a significant portion of the frustrating and even horrifying times. This is the tip of Iceberg.

1. When you see a vacant house and are covered with fleas

2. When you go to see the seller and they don’t show up

3. If you go to see the buyer but the buyer is not displayed

4. When you forget to show up and your competition gets a deal

5. If you need a simple fix and no one can do it

6. When you get’Status of multiple offers‘Reply to all 20 properties you offered

7. If you need to send the contractor back 5 times to fix the same thing

8. When it turns out that the house is painted in the wrong color

9. When the contractor notices that he has hit the pig with lipstick

10. When you realize that the contractor who paid a little in advance to “help” does not come back

11. If you go to all vacant houses late at night and need to overwinter before freezing

12. When a child does not stop destroying one of your vacant homes

13. When I got a call from a neighbor in a house saying that water was flowing from under the front door … and all weekend

14. Once you find that the city has removed all the signs you just set up (within minutes as they chased behind you and eventually caught up with you)

15. When you realize that the phone number printed on all 10,000 door hangers was incorrect

16. When a call comes in from someone who receives a letter threatening to kick @ $$ (OK, this may be considered fun and a game)

17. When driving in a war zone and a crack head pops out in front of a truck

18. When you realize that your budget is 100% bankrupt

19. When the dust settles down and you realize you’ve lost money on a flip

20. When one contractor does not appear and all upcoming submarines are very angry … to you

21. When you find out that all the expensive new grass you just put in is dead

22. If you find that you were able to create twice the amount of corrections and inversions, wholesale It

23. When the inspector decides that scaring your buyer by something that isn’t really grounded will make his day

24. If the appraiser determines that offering multiple list price offers within a day does not matter if the value of the house is not very high.

25. When the buyer’s lender finds the amount you paid for the house and you are in trouble

26. When your buyers barely qualify and then put a lot of new things in their credit for their home before the final underwriting

27. When you think your buyer needs to demand all the little things, including clearing the garage

28. Estimate the price of a job and find that you are expected to pay twice as much after the job is done

29. When I traveled to the Home Depot several times and realized that it was wasted all day long

30. When you are promised, the work should not take more than a week (yes) and it will take months

31. When you have to track a contractor at his house because he doesn’t come to work (just to know he’s just out of jail)

32. When you are about to put your house up for sale and realize that the animal has decided to die somewhere on the wall

33. When a house that looks perfectly horizontal turns out to be actually off by more than 3 inches … after the entire rehab

34. When you find out that the seller of the house has contracted to sell it to two other people after you sign with you

35. When a bird flies from a chimney into a house and is open in the house

36. When a neighbor calls code compliance that the hut is one foot too close to the site boundary while repairing an obtrusive thing on the street.

37. When a contractor is sued by a neighbor for cutting a tree branch two feet above the site boundary.

38. When you find a homeless person moving to your home for sale

39. When the contractor puts the entire room of bent tiles and says the walls are out of the square

40. When the contractor puts a sideways sliding window vertically and slams after opening

41. When you realize that the house you just bought is across from a house that looks like a drive-through of illegal drugs

42. Seeing you sell a house and a week later in the news someone was shot in execution style in the middle of the street and you have to go online to make sure you are not the person who sold the house When

43. Standing in the kitchen for 3 hours in awe of the number of cockroaches crawling on the floor, walls and ceiling, when trying to kill them all individually as nothing else seems to be working

Well, anything about the door hanger with the wrong phone number didn’t really happen to me. I’m sure it happened to someone.

Share your frustrating and annoying moments in the comments below. I have a pathetic party for you. Now is the time for your brilliance.

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