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4 Rehabbing Materials Always Worth Spending a Little More On

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Yesterday, there was another open house in the property and it worked very well. There were more than a dozen people behind the door, with multiple rental applications and enjoying meeting lots of nice people. This is one of the dozens of homes we have prepared, rehabilitated, cleaned and made great this year.

I’m constantly learning through trial and error, listening to other investors and listening to everything that causes money, time, or frustration. I would like to find a way to mitigate them.

In a previous post, we talked about how to use the same taste for rental properties. Same color, same carpet, same vinyl flooring. When they are looking for a rental property, when they look at a photo of our property, the tenant knows it is ours.

Many of us have some things that we think will be cheaper because we don’t do it anymore.

4 Rehabilitation materials worth using a little more


This bit me many times this summer. We tried to find out from really old units for years, but that didn’t work for me. In one example, I replaced one property with a second-hand unit that wasn’t that old. In the end, I replaced it with nearly half of the new one, but died two months later.


The other was a leak, so I had to replace the a coil and so on.

If we are at stake by putting some money into something like this (other than a little coolant or regular service), I will replace it. It’s not worth my hassle, frustration, or additional cost. I always think that I should have done it the “right way” at first.

2. Faucet and bus manifold

I’ve tried different types of fixtures such as bathtubs, kitchen faucets, bathrooms, etc., but there are many brands that offer considerable (cheap) value. But after investigating the costs of each, how long they last, and how much they would pay to fix them, I decided to use only the basic All Metal Delta … they persist well and Well worn and caused so far no problem. Worth a few dollars extra at the front end.

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That doesn’t mean you need to be hooked. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it will last long. Ask local hardware stores what they put in their homes and rents, or what other investors have bought and succeeded.

3. Toilet

As with sanitary fixtures, we have also started buying better toilets. Why not spend an extra $ 50 to get a new low-flow, simple mechanism for your toilet?

We have great luck with them in our property. Residents love to have nice things because they don’t use much water and don’t break. I love them because the phones don’t ring, and I don’t always spend money to repair or replace them.

4. Vinyl flooring

For flooring, we started using thicker vinyl as well as the cheapest samples available. Instead of peel and stick, we also do full pieces or rolls. Yes, it’s easy to peel and paste the tiles, but I’ve found that the tiles don’t fall off well. We are always back to fix them.

I understand that if one of a single tile has a rift, you can simply replace the tile instead of using a large piece of vinyl. However, we also found that the larger, better, and thicker the material in the first place, the less problems there are.

Vinyl flooring

The more often we encounter problems or maintenance issues within a unit, the more we are moving towards finding, fixing and fixing problems before the tenant occupies the property. When a tenant occupies it, all the scheduling of work becomes complicated and can be annoying to you and your tenant.

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If you just finished your work and installed a new item for the first time, you could have saved yourself the hassle (and phone). I know many investors who don’t spend much money on new plumbing lines or low flow toilets with new flushing systems. But after all, what is the cost of that single maintenance issue with a plumber, handyman, or someone you have to call? Plumbers and electricians can cost $ 50 to $ 75 just to appear.

That toilet doesn’t seem to be that expensive now.

Again, if you just make the fix first, you may save money in the long run rather than trying to get rid of something. In addition, the front end in question gives you more control over your costs (you can see the cost of a new installation and maintaining it correctly).

Just check the checklist of items that can cause problems. Consider doing it every time in a property, especially for items that are easy and cheap.

  • toilet
  • Bathroom: faucet, water supply pipe, shutoff valve
  • Bath / shower manifold
  • Kitchen: water supply pipe, faucet, isolation valve
  • Water heater
  • Run the main sewer for tree roots and debris

There is no doubt that the time and money spent on the front end is worth the headache after the tenant moves in. And you will create a more controlled environment for your costs.

What else does your property do to have fewer phones, less maintenance costs, and happier tenants?

Let us know in the comments!

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