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4 HGTV-Level Upgrades to Make Your Flip Stand Out

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I clearly remember on a random phone call two years ago. The producer saw the property I turned over and asked if I could shoot it. House hunter TV program. I was in the midst of considerable attempts and seemingly endless rehab, and I said yes without thinking too much about it. The production team thanked us and said it was a great home, they went in for a few hours and did whatever they did. And it was silence.

Almost two years later, via Facebook ping, I found out that the property was actually turned on. House hunter.

The TV show was aired without even knowing that my house was actually chosen to appear on the show.

I thought it was pretty cool that the house was seen on national television, but this is a deal. We believe that a couple who just saw millions of people watching these TV shows looking for a home captured the experience with this camera crew. The real estate industry has some friends who have their own shows. We also have many opportunities to discuss the possibilities of our own show with the production team.

For now, the show has really become a drama, engrossing people in cool homes and finally taking “after” photos. Most of these stories are fully scripted and are meant to serve the show. It’s not about teaching you to be a good buyer or investor, or actually teaching you how to turn a house over.

Through nearly 100 homes we turned over in our business this year, our team not only understands how to “look good” homes, but also investors and homeowners who buy our assets. We have been constantly working to add value to our homes. With a little money, a little foresight, and a little planning, you can add value both visually and for the longevity and health of the people who buy and live in your property. I can do it. Let’s take a closer look.


Use great paint

With the amazing paint technology these days, we have been testing all kinds of different paints for years. There are many options, but we chose Sherwin Williams’ SuperPaint for both the inner and all outer walls. Our painters always say that the cover is better than most other paints. It is durable and long lasting.

The exterior was painted from the hot summer months to the coldest winters on the market. Have you ever tried to paint a second layer when it’s cold? It doesn’t go down smoothly, it comes off, and the cover doesn’t work. The SuperPaint can be placed in the cold of 35 degrees, and no problems have arisen.

You might say it’s much more expensive, right? Make a phone call and meet a local sales representative in person to make a reservation. Tell them specifically what you are doing in your business and then ask what you want. Reps can give a pretty incredible break to pricing, depending on the volume and the product they are looking for.

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Tell your buyers and investors about paints and how you are actually saving money for the products you used to refurbish their property by buying your home. .. It also shows that you are paying attention to the little things.

Refinish and restore hardwood floors

In the Midwestern market, many properties have genuine original hardwood floors. I don’t know how frustrating it would be if someone hadn’t refinished the beat-up floor or stepped into the ultimate sin “rehab” by covering them with tiles, laminated flooring, or the worst vinyl. Hmm. In fact, even more scary is painting on hardwoods.

If you are doing it now, stop it!

Hardwood floors look great, they are well maintained, tenants and owners love them, and they look great in the pictures. Yes, I understand that some hardwood floor companies want to charge an insane amount to refinish the floor. That’s great for them, and if the average person wants to pay more than twice the amount we pay for floor repairs, that’s their choice.

But seriously, you are an investor. You are turning the house over and remodeling it. You want it to be the best, stand out, and look good. Refinish the floor and take pride in your property. Talk about how these are the original floors here, and this place here, we patched this house back. Then ask the client or tenant to guess what is old and what is new. If you point it out they will probably get it, but who cares? They just bought what you were selling!

Another bonus is that if your pet has a lot of stains and odors, you can sand them, refinish them, and make them a little darker to almost or completely hide these problems.

Stage house

Add high quality hygiene equipment

Look under “What’s Under Nathan’s Skin” in the real estate dictionary and find the “Silly # $ ^” sanitary ware right next to it. Can you feel how frustrating I am when I see something like this? Yes, you can buy a faucet from Walmart for $ 20, but that doesn’t mean you need to. It’s like an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant for only $ 5. Yes, please do your best. Stick to the good things I know are really fish, not like fish. #urp

Seriously, but more expensive fixtures have better parts, they aren’t made of level 1 (I made it) plastic. plastic! Are you telling me that it won’t break after actually using the faucet for more than a few months in normal use? of course.

Stop. Put something made of metal, take pride in the material and make it last longer for your clients. worth it.

Install good windows

I clearly remember walking one of the turnkey properties early in the business. I was walking with “Texas John” (I call all clients by their name and region of the world), and seeing this amazing rehab we did at the property is amazing I remember talking to him about paint colors, new fixtures, a complete rework of the bathroom and kitchen. And there, the window was yelling at me, like a screaming baby. “Why didn’t you replace me when you replaced everything else?”

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Yes, they were windows. And technically, we could have left them. We have already sold the property and the installation of new windows was not part of our scope and was not included in the sale. But that really bothered me. I felt like I had left something behind for both the client and the tenant who eventually moved in.

We went out and called our partner. If there’s a property to rehab on the spot, and it doesn’t have great windows yet, I’ve made sure I can do it when it’s done. This applies to $ 80,000 rentals and $ 350,000 flips. And even without the money from my client, a new window was immediately installed in that property.

Home staging tips

Final idea

There is no shortage of information, education and entertainment when it comes to property renovations and flips. Take pride in what you are doing. Pay attention not only to beautiful things like paint colors and flashy landscapes, but also to important things.

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How do you stand out in the rehab and flip properties?

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