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3 Big Reasons I’m Not Sad to See Hit HGTV Show Fixer Upper Go

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“It’s better to burn out than to disappear” — Neil Young

Oops, hto go. I’m sure you’re looking at the idea that I’m trying to take on this emerging power, or maybe you’re smoking! Like most start-ups, Chips and Joanna Gaines Rapidly built their empire. When most people enter this position, they either burn out or disappear and become obscured.Shows, shows, plays Fixer upperHowever, after five seasons, I decided to unplug it because of its popularity.

Chips and Joanna are the lucky centers of the show and help couples buy and remodel their homes. Chips bring construction know-how and suspension, and Joanna provides design and adult day care to balance it. On the pillars of a likable host, there are scripted episodes built before and after oohs and ahs, held with more notions than you can imagine. This show is no longer just a television show. It involves real estate agents, retailers, many brands, and merchandising. For some reason, I also created a vacation destination from Waco, Texas.

Most people on the remodeling side of the real estate business are affected by this cult support. Fixer upperHuge stamp in the industry.Just telling someone to repair and sell the house, “Oh! I like it! Fixer upper?? I love the show. The chips are very interesting, and I love Joanna’s designs. Sometimes it’s easier to say, “Yes, that’s what I’m doing,” rather than explaining the entire process.

I make it all a bit savage and bad, but it’s not. I really like the show (and my wife Stacy loves it).We too Fixer upper Top book 7 self-development books for 2016! Of all the fix shows out there, this is the most palatable. After all, it’s a bit more realistic and generally pleasing.

Still, it has so many problems that I wrote all this. Is the rest of those modified shows on TV? Well, it could be another day’s blog post (with lots of blasphemy words). As a fix and flip investor, I take subtle design clues and notes from these shows, but I’m still quite dissatisfied with the unrealistic scenarios and budgets depicted.

So, Anson, you like the show, are you happy to see it go? I’m right, that’s true. And here are three reasons.

Three Big Reasons to Watch the Hit HGTV Show Fixer upper go

1. No more monopolizing the design

As the average person (that is, the buyer of the finished product) sees DIY and real estate shows, their tastes change and are influenced. The first was HGTV as a whole, forcing the burnt scone walls and brown tones throughout. Now we are pushing Joanna Gaines painted bricks, farmhouse vintages, and lots of cutouts. Of course, these things are fine, but they’re a bit more popular than the average flipper likes. If a show is so popular that it almost monopolizes the design, it’s just a bad thing.

Of course, timeless design is also being promoted, including open floor plans, evergreen cabinets and fixture choices, and almost neutral colors (except for the black bathrooms we saw recently). It ’s good to get people to think more about design in general, so Fixer upper for that.

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What is the alternative to this show as a design inspiration for most people? It will probably return to Pinterest and Houzz.com — and I personally recommend following the design of my friend who is killing it: TTM development from Portland When Seattle’s Enfort Homes..

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2. Room for less routine shows

If it takes a while to quickly flip through all the available TV stations, you’ll notice a few things. First, the drama is selling. Second, people love scripts, stylized, and predictable shows.

Here is the given formula Fixer Upper:

  • The house was chosen (fake)
  • Budgeting / designing / starting work
  • The chip should find something wrong that pops up suddenly (at every show) and call the owner to tell them that it will cost more to finish (fake)
  • Joanna, for some reason (fake), performs the house until early morning every time
  • Big Revelation: The house is perfect and everyone is happy (fake)

Let’s work on these items one by one. First, show guests must have a contract or already own a home before filming. As a result, the entire “house selection” part of the show is scripted and fake. It kills the first half of the whole show!

What’s next? Homeowners are reportedly already aware of the next “problem” that Chip found and the drama that was created around demanding more money from the owner. Also, Chip is not a good contractor if you don’t know most of these “problems” before you start work and budget.

The next thing to tell you is the fact that after turning off the camera, all the furniture and staging items remain. The reality of visiting these perfectly landscaped homes a month after the crew leaves and Joanna removes all the furniture and design pieces must be jarring. All well-maintained show choices have been replaced with real homeowner furniture. You can throw it for another 15 minutes.

The last part, Ribir, is all fine, but this is a setup, as not all rooms in the house are completed, as explained below.

So what’s the solution here? I hope people are tired of the same old things every week at these shows and are beginning to crave to see live, real people and scenarios. I would like to see real people doing real business on a daily basis, but I’m probably a minority.i know that Fixer upper Is 90% fake only for entertainment purposes, but most viewers don’t understand how stereotyped and set it is. I think it’s time to take the giant hammers to these shows and smash them into small, unrecognizable pieces to give way to something new and realistic.

I’m (thankfully) not a TV producer, I’m actually doing this business every day, so I don’t know why producers feel they need to deceive almost every time. This sets bad or unrealistic expectations regarding remodeling, budgeting, and real estate in general.

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No, my day isn’t even filled with 5% of the dramas they portray, and yes, I finish the whole house. Wait, what is it? Most viewers are unaware that Texan’s dynamic duo cannot completely refurbish the entire home. They focus only on the “after” room you see, others get just a “fix”. I really want to see the level at which they repair the “fixed” room. This will throw away anyone’s expectations of the budget for the remodeling of the entire house. The show is reported to be dissatisfied if the owner receives double cash and decides to offer a newly repaired, one-hour free-promotion property on the hit show as an Airbnb rental. ..That is, there are many Fixer upper As a fan coming to Waco and visiting one of Magnolia’s half-dozen stores (when will the theme park come?), Why not stay at one of the show’s actual homes? The average viewer believes that rehab is all drama and gets a biased sense of the money spent on fixing and doesn’t know that some of these homes are just for rent. ..

I try not to pay too much attention to reality / script design and revision shows, but this has a solid grasp of the industry for five seasons. I’m ready to do something new. It’s a new blood to inspire the industry and show the public something more realistic about our business. But most new shows are pretty much the same, so I think it’s a bit optimistic. The vacuum left by this monster show will be interesting not because it’s gone, but because of what might plunge to fill the gap.

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