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13 Home Improvement Ideas for Anyone on a Budget

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You finally have time to work on a home renovation project, but you don’t want to increase your budget.The good news is that you can make a big difference and strengthen your home Investment real estate With these simple DIY projects.

Budget-friendly housing improvement project

Change the light

Bring those old 70’s ceiling lights to the 2020’s Swap them Equipped with modern but classic fixtures. Choose lighting that can handle your space and light requirements, and try to stay within the wattage guidelines when installing bulbs. Also, when working on an electrical project, turn it off before you start.

The wall can talk

You can see the increase in the rate of return on investment Painting the room There are several cans of high quality paint. Stick to neutral or soft pastel colors where the renter can live. Many people think that white walls are past, and overuse can make flat gray boring.

The charm of the curb

Stimulate the front with colorful flowers and well-arranged shrubs. If your garden is flat and unattractive Plant trees It finally provides shade — and Potential 10% increase in the value of your property..

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Redo bathroom caulking

Bathroom caulking can attract mold and will turn yellow with age. The cracked caulking line allows water to penetrate behind walls and floors, causing even more sadness in the future. Remove the old caulk with a putty knife or similar tool, clean the area with bleach and aqueous solution, and then replace with clean new beads of silicone caulk.

Don’t ignore the fans

Does the bathroom fan make a rattling noise?that is Easy fix.. Many new bathroom vent fans fit into the existing space, but you can also replace the old motor. Be sure to turn off the power before starting work on the project and clean any dust or debris in the space before installing a new fan.

Upgrade the thermostat

Energy Star reports that homeowners can save up to 8% on heating and cooling costs by switching to. Smart thermostat.. Programmable thermostats are available for less than $ 30, which is a saving advantage.

Smart thermostat

Change doorknobs and deadbolts

Changing the interior and exterior doorknobs to matching finishes and styles can make a bigger difference than you might think. In addition, it adds a level of security by replacing loose keyed knobs and adding deadbolts to the external doors.

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Make a splash with a back splash

Remove the grease-stained areas behind the counter with peel-and-stick tiles or vinyl cut to fit the space. If you’re not interested in such a project, paint with washable latex paint and stencils, or paint your scene for a unique look.

Change the style of the mirror

Many old homes still have their great wall-sized mirrors on the bathroom, but they lack any style. Assemble them Cut the trim using the miter box and attach the frame with glue.

Now that I’ve mastered the bathroom mirrors, I’ll make a door panel from cheap MDF and paint the door in a single color to make it bigger. It’s an easy way to bring a classic look to your room.

Fool the skirting board

You don’t have to remove its thin baseboard to upgrade your room. Cut out the complementary trim, mount it a few inches above the existing trim, and paint both the trim and the wall between the same colors. You can get the look of skirting board trim at no cost. Replace those old heat registers and vents with metal or wooden vent covers while you are in it.

Small comfortable living room with minimalist furniture

Wipe the deck

Clean mold and debris from the surface to lighten the decks and stone paths of your home. You can rent a power washer from your local hardware store, but don’t want power at the attachment. Choose a spray that cleans the area without damaging it.

Upgrade your hardware

Replace the knobs or pulls in those old cabinets with traditional choices to quickly update your kitchen. Measure the “spread” between two screws in your existing hardware, or take one and compare it to a new screw. Make sure the screws installed are the same length as the old ones, or buy screws of the appropriate length for your cabinet.

Drain the water heater

No one will notice this project, but it saves you money and prevents plumbing problems Eat the profits of your rental property.. Drain a few gallons of water from the water heater a couple of times a year to remove the sediment at the bottom of the tank. This minimizes accumulation and allows the heater to function efficiently and last longer. Before starting, turn off the gas and pilot lights or unplug the unit, Leak heaterMay cause headaches in the future.


Time is money. Take advantage of downtime and add upgrades to your properties. Your investment will definitely be rewarded with higher quality tenants who may be willing to pay more for those upgrades.

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