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Sell Your House Faster With These Curb Appeal Tips

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Let’s talk about some tips on the appeal of curbs that can sell your property faster.

OK, everyone. Common sense is not always common. So I’m very straightforward and simple. What I’m trying to tell you is probably Real Estate 101. We are really going back to the basics.

How to improve the attractiveness of property curbs

1. Paint the exterior

The first tip is that you need to paint bloody properties. Make sure the property is pressure-washed and shaved, and uses paint color to make it inconspicuous from other houses on the street. That is, do not use crazy colors such as bright yellow, orange, and pink. Unless it looks like another house on the street.

Here in Toledo, there are houses with lots of funky colors in the historic district. So if you go plain, it might look a little simpler. You want to stick to colors similar to other homes as usual. But paint can all go a very long way.

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One of the first things I learned about remodeling and rehabilitation when I was in Australia was that I could actually draw a lot of pictures. Exterior painting is possible. The interior can be painted. You can paint the cupboard. You can apply a vanity, and you can even enamel the tub again. So you can escape by drawing a lot of things that you can add more value to.

As a rule of thumb, this is: If you’re spending $ 1 on a particular refurbishment item, you want to get back $ 3. In other words, let’s say it costs $ 10,000 to paint a house. It can be sold for $ 200,000 without painting. By painting, you can sell it for $ 230,000. This means it’s a good investment in money to paint.

2. Improve the landscape

The second way to improve the attractiveness of curbs is landscaping. I don’t want you to have a grassy garden, flowers that look crap, no roots, and a driveway that looks like crap. These are very simple things that many future buyers will want to see when driving through or looking up a house. Remember everyone, the first impression is all impressions.

If we could provide that “wow” element to its future buyers from the beginning, I think everything would be much smoother when they enter the house. Many people just drive past, and if they don’t like the property from the street, they don’t even plan to look inside. Make sure the property has a great element.

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The paint is big. Landscaping and tidying up the front yard and driveway are separate. And here’s a quick tip. I’ve seen many realtors put up signs for solar panel yards. To me, this shows that there may be a demand from future buyers to see what it looks like and whether it’s a safe place at night. So, another thing you might want to do is add some feature lights to the property to give it a glow or pop in the evening. I have always liked to see houses with distinctive lighting.

It’s a hint from me on top of two things you have to do. It’s all very simple and common sense.

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What other tips do you give to anyone trying to improve the curb charm of their property?

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