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Real Estate Agent Tips | Advice for Business Success

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There is this misunderstanding that selling real estate is easy. Being a rock star realtor means getting a license, printing a business card, Pouf! You are making a lot of money instantly. All you have to do is list the properties, sit down, and scrape in cash. It’s easy? Unless real life gets in the way.

New realtors seem to come to two different camps. They are either overconfident and confident of making six numbers in the first year, or they are nervous shipwrecks. Neither is true. The real secret is simple. If you want to be an agent, get ready to work.

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No, getting a real estate license is not that difficult. This means that almost anyone can do it. However, getting a license does not automatically make a real estate agent successful or make money. So how do you achieve that coveted rock star status? Here are some realtor tips and some suggestions from clients to help you boost your real estate career in the stratosphere.

Real estate licenses are not required for all investors, but some consider them to be an important part of their investment strategy. However, obtaining a license can be a lengthy process, including course work, exams, and background checks. Of course, you need to find a broker. Learn more about what distinguishes the average agent from a good agent, and get all the details about licensing in a detailed guide. How to Become a Real Estate Agent — Investor Guide..

1. Answer the phone (or risk missing a real estate lead)

I have a driver’s license in Colorado. I’m an investor and have bought a house before the invention of soil. I called the realtor … Still, every time my phone is sent directly to voicemail.

Yes, you may not be able to answer the phone. I understand that, and if you’re really busy leaving a message is fine.But arguably I Immediately Callback — and about 99% of the time the agent hasn’t listened to my voicemail.

Rockstar realtor answers the phone. Having a record of quick response means that past clients will introduce you to your friends who can become new clients. And those introductions are the lifeline of a successful agent.

2. Reply email

Since it’s so common not to answer the phone, I’ve turned to email ever since.I wake up super fast, and no one wants to wake up If I do not Up. Every morning, I sit down with a cup of coffee and email. Send, then press the cricket.

there is nothing. No response — very few. In most cases my email will be ignored. What if I was a potential home buyer? These agents have lost leads, especially as many of today’s buyers and sellers want to do business with digital natives.

My ignored emails encourage phone calls, voicemails, and (surprise, surprise) immediate callbacks. There, the recipient of the email professes that he has never received the memo. Hah.

Set an agent-specific email address. It doesn’t look as professional as this. [email protected]— And check your inbox every day. We handle everything every day.

3. Create a killer business plan

“Being a rock star agent requires a strong business and marketing plan. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and actively promote through networking, social media and targeted marketing,” said Berkshire Hathaway Home Services at The Preferred Realty. Chris Dickson, Real Estate Manager, said.

Great advice, Chris. Add: All properties are different, but there are many similarities. There is no need to reinvent the wheel for each new list. Come up with a killer marketing plan. Social media and more traditional methods such as newspapers, direct mail, and open houses should be included. Not everyone is online. We want to reach as many people as possible, especially if our competitors are only targeting the online market.

4. Have an online presence

This is closely related to your killer marketing plan.John R. Lions John Lions Real Estate“Master social media and leverage video on all social platforms. Creating more exposure and better content will increase market awareness of your business.”

Ryan Fitzgerald Laurie Realty His success is due to his “… commitment to technology and online marketing strategies.” “While other companies are wasting their time on paper ads and TV commercials, I’m most likely to search for homes for sale on all Facebook news feeds from 6 pm It’s between 9 o’clock. I use Facebook ads to capture traffic and use branding to retarget traffic by retargeting pixels so that my brand is always visible. “

He continues. “Today we are making nearly 5 new leads a day from our website and traffic is increasing by 20% almost every month. If you want to be a superstar realtor, you can’t believe it. You need to have a good work ethic and master a lead generation strategy that works for you! For me, it was online marketing. “

Also pay attention to Google. Create SEO-related blog posts and update your Google search list to make them come to your mind as a local searcher.

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5. Listen to the needs of the client

“My most important advice is to listen to the needs of our clients and help them reach their goals. Too many agents are more worried about their own financial interests or success. They take the time to help them reach their goals with compassion, honesty and ethics, and to understand that coming from a place to educate them will lead to the success you are looking for. We recommend Peter Boscas, the broker and principal owner of “I don’t listen to clients.” Red Cedar Real Estate..

6. Build relationships with clients

Christopher Levitt Douglas Elliman Real Estate He says he is a superstar real estate broker because he focuses on relationships with clients. Despite his tight schedule, he always takes the time he needs to talk to his clients. One way he does this is to avoid rushing the client when he is with him. He also takes every opportunity to learn. It doesn’t matter if it’s a $ 5 million home or a $ 50 million home. Chris does not reduce the time required by prospects. Chris checks in to clients on a regular basis and believes in the philosophy of being a client once and always a client.

7. Know your local market

Ben Bacal Rodeo real estate “You need to be knowledgeable about the areas in which you work. You need to know everything about the areas you are focusing on. And when you talk about prices and trading and investment opportunities, Be clear and confident in your answer. Don’t focus on dozens of neighborhoods. Conquer one or two and move on. It takes years, not months, to build an empire. . Have patience and stamina. “

Colin Bray Century 21 Cityside I fully agree. He suggests: Knowledge is power. I know your particular market. Who are the other top agents, developers and buildings with amenities? What new restaurants are coming to the area? Public transport and school system? “

Knowing your market is not just about knowing the housing market. You need to understand the entire real estate industry, including everything that affects the housing market.

8. Establish amazing work ethic

“If you want to be a superstar agent, you have to work harder than any other agent. Whether it’s a nightmare or a fantasy, if you’re not dreaming about the deal or client you’re working with, you Isn’t working hard enough, “says Bakar.

Bray agrees, adding: “Superstars are defined as well-known and highly successful performers or athletes. Perfect! How do athletes become professionals? Year Of practice and discipline. As a result, few agents are successful. That’s why it’s so difficult to be a professional athlete. “

9. Treat your business like a business

“You are a real business. That is, you have to promote yourself and your brand, name, expertise, success and praise it every day. If you stop doing that, your business will stop. You are like any other business. You have to spend money to make money. If you want to be an agent just for referrals, there is no really thriving day-to-day business full of escrows and transactions, ”Bakal recommends.

This is actually the most important and the least followed. Many new agents do not understand that being a real estate agent is different from having your own business.this teeth Have your own business: Real estate business. You are a business owner. (Congratulations!) Yes, you license your under your hiring broker. Perhaps there are even assignments that need to be met to stay with that agency. They may provide you with leads. But it’s your business and you are 100% responsible for your success.

Working part-time gives you part-time results. Work full-time, treat it as a business, and achieve the best and most profitable results.

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Bonus: 10 quick tips from clients

But what are your clients looking for? Jordan Words, CEO Savant Investment Partners, Share what you are looking for in the agent. His main advice:

  1. Do not predetermine clients or potential clients.
  2. Spend time with them directly.
  3. Never get a “qualified” and “arrogant” attitude that you are doing all the good deals, even if you are a kick bat agent doing a lot.
  4. Do not “sell” them in a transaction. You might think your job is sales, but it’s not. Your job is to be reliable, wise, and transparent.
  5. Always, always, always communicate quickly and very well.
  6. Do more than “your job”. Do more work than expected. Find and coordinate contractors, do your best to find contractors who do a good job at a fair price, and even if you get your commission, you are their “partner” and the same as yourself Show investors that they are taking care of them. This is called integrity.
  7. Until you become an investor (if you are not yet an investor), you will never really understand how difficult it is to make a good return on your money. There is an old saying, “Take care of the penny, and the dollar will keep an eye on themselves.”
  8. Do not show preferential treatment to yourself or other investors.
  9. Thank you for your business and relationships.
  10. Be aware that not all “big investor” relationships are a match made in heaven. Over time, you will get to know the investor and build a relationship with him or her, and sometimes, unfortunately, you find that their expectations and your treatment are not right for you. prize.

Any agent can list properties in MLS. Any agent can create an offer. However, even a mere “arbitrary” agent cannot win the referral or repeat business that is the difference between license and rock star reputation.

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Are you a rock star realtor? What do you do to set yourself apart from your competitors?

Let us know in the comments!

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