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Meet the recycled house

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this Recycled house It is made of materials that previously had other uses. Not only is this an eco-friendly idea, it also saves money. Some are riverboats, some are military barracks, all cool!

If you are thinking of developing or setting up yourself Dream house, You can find a plan at Cool House Plan Company. They have everything from garages to luxury homes to traditional Victorian plans.

If you’re bored and living in the Silicon Valley area, why not join us? Monopoly in the park?? Book your chance to play with this 930 square foot board. Great for family reunions, field trips, company picnics, birthday parties and corporate team building events.

Would you like to win your dream home by killing properties that trade some time for fun while we are working on the entire game theme? Mansion impossible Video games at WaitingforClass.com.. You start at $ 100,000 Prices go up and down-you have to sell for profit and accumulate enough cash to win a $ 100,000,000 mansion.

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