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Home Inspections: Do You Really Need to Get One?

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Do I need to inspect my home when I buy it?

TL; DR Yes !!!

OK, it’s a long version now. The mere fact that you are asking if you need a test, yes, in fact you conduct The house needs to be inspected.

Home inspection is worth it

Why is home inspection important?

Because you probably have one, not a house inspector No experience Or enough to be dangerous. I don’t mean this, everyone started without experience. But both scenarios shout at me that you need a home inspection.

I just bought my favorite kind of house: ugly, outdated and in need of a lot of love. There are weeds in the backyard, the house has a smoky scent, and there are 70’s wallpapers, old white carpets, tiled counters, and 80’s wallpapers. It has a strange but modifiable layout, stair railings outside the code, and more wallpaper. (Hmm !! Curse for the person who invented the wallpaper!)

I wrote an offer during my vacation. Because it always looks like that. we Price negotiationI locked it in and went to another meeting next week, so I desperately scheduled an inspection for that week. We set the inspection period to about 18 days in case all inspections could not be performed before departure.

This house has an underground pool, so I thought it was necessary to check the pool. Oh, and after I submitted the offer, the wrist agent told me that the pool heater wasn’t working and wasn’t working for at least 5 years.

Um, what? Why was this very famous information not included in the list? !!

Why you need to have a home inspection

The house itself is very rough and radon is so common on the neck of our forest that I wanted a complete house inspection. I’ve done this before and know what I’m looking for, and I’m still inspected because I want a second trained eye on this property. (Actually, like a 6th or 7th eye pair. I brought three rehab friends and my husband to the show.)

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In the area where I’m investing, there are inspectors recommended by all the agents I know. I have used him before and got satisfactory results. But I just helped my friend Jake buy a house that he had previously contracted and collapsed due to inspection issues. (Jake also liked unattractive homes, and this was no exception.)

The list agent at Jake’s House provided a very informative previous inspection report that we absolutely used. This was the most comprehensive and thorough inspection report my client had ever read. I have to say that I agree 100% with him.

I called this new inspector to inspect my property, and he came out and brought his fine comb.

His report not only shared what was quickly revealed, such as broken windows in the master bedroom, smoke odors, and obsolescence, but also included safety issues that I wasn’t aware of. Specifically, the fence surrounding the pool was inadequate and built backwards and needed to be replaced as soon as possible to comply with state-mandated pool fence regulations.

The dirty pool is covered with leaves and sits unattended

I used to have a house with a pool. I didn’t notice that the fence was behind. Or I didn’t realize that this would be the smallest of my problems.

The seller shared the name of the person who has taken care of the pool for the past few years. This guy came out and spent about an hour with us, and boy, did he spill the soil? There is a leak in the pipe that runs between the filter basket and the pump. Currently, the filter basket is inoperable and was avoided when the pool opened this year.

This type of repair is the worst type of repair I call an “unknown cost repair”. The pipe is in the basement. In other words, you can’t really see where the leak is. You have to dig in until you find it. Part of the pipe is under the cement, so if you have to break it to find a leak, it really quickly becomes very expensive. The pool guy said it would cost $ 500 to $ 5,000 just because he didn’t know where it was.

But even more costly was a known problem with pools. Five years ago the pool heater broke and needed to be repainted. Not to mention full retiring and libric, I already found it necessary.

40 times more valuable

You’ve heard 10X thrown on the site, Podcast,Such. The inspection of my house was 40 times! They literally saved me 40 times the amount I paid them to inspect my house.

After receiving the inspection report, my husband and I sat down and talked. The amount of work we could see had to be inferior to the work revealed during the inspection. Did you want to continue With this contract?

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We still like the neighborhood and decided that we also like the house. That night, I sent a note to a listed agent informing them that the inspection found far more home problems than we were aware of. Unless you can negotiate a significant discount, you will need to cancel your contract.

He asked what I meant to be important and I answered for $ 42,000. We’re in a pretty hot real estate market, so we didn’t expect this deal to continue. The house is in a great neighborhood and nothing has sold for less than $ 400,000 since 2017. I accepted as soon as possible.

So spending $ 1,000 on home inspections resulted in a $ 40,000 price drop. I think it’s a lot of money spent.

Protect yourself and your investment. Take a home inspection with a qualified home inspector.


Can I answer other home inspection related questions? Have you ever heard a horror story from a buyer who skipped a professional home inspection?

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