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Here’s Who You Need to Enlist In Order To Sell a Property FAST

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Today I’m talking about how to sell real estate fast at supersonic rocket speeds. It’s easy; all you have to do is list the property for $ 1 and you’re sure you’ll sell it right away, right? error. It’s not how it works — I’m just joking.

What I’m trying to say here is that I’m going to talk about myself, so you might come across a bit flashy. But for those who know who I am, I know I’m not flashy. So please listen. If you want to sell your real estate at a super-fast pace, that is, if you want to go outdoors, all you need to do is find someone who has a CIA in your real estate. what is that? Well, I’m the CIA. The CIA is the person who has the cash, influence, and authority to buy an asset. Personally, I have more than 450 transactions, and I plan to make more than 100 transactions this year. I’m not flashy. I would like to repeat that before going into any other content.

How to Offload Your Property — Fast!

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Let’s say you have a wholesaler, or a bird dog or a real estate agent at the neck of my forest. They will want to find someone like me who makes a lot of deals each year. Someone who knows the market like the CIA. We at the CIA have cash to quickly close large numbers of properties. Even if you don’t have the money for some reason, it has the power to get someone else to buy your property. It could be a hard money lender, a bank, or a private investor, but you can still close a deal. Last but not least, we have the authority to make decisions on behalf of someone else. We have access to capital and can literally buy real estate with the click of a button.

If you want to sell real estate at record speeds, you need to find someone who is the CIA and has the cash, influence, and authority to make a deal. The CIA trades consistently. They know the market numbers and have no problem pulling the trigger. Everyone, even if I returned to Australia when the numbers made sense in the deal and the deal seemed untrue, I speeded up and tied the cash to my underwear, and I’d “d the sea.” Swim halfway and hand over the cash to buy the property.

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Don’t tinker with the buyer. A serious buyer is a serious buyer. They do. They do not shoot around the bushes. My title company turns the deal in 48 hours. If you send me a deal today, I see it and if the deal makes sense to us, I will literally buy it within 3 days.

Again, please do not receive this post in the wrong way. I’m not a flashy type of guy. I just wanted to explain who we are, what we are doing, and how we are making all the acquisitions. It’s a way you can sell real estate at record speeds: Find yourself the CIA.

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How do you close a transaction quickly? Let us know your tips in the comments below!

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