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A Note to You Crappy Real Estate Agents Out There

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Did you get your attention to a realtor? good!
I’m not blaming all agents for being silly, but there are agents who give the rest of you bad names!

In today’s real estate environment, where vacant homes are scattered around the neighborhood, a flock of cheesy realtors dominates our future. These are agents that do the half-hearted job of protecting the interests of their clients.

If you represent an unoccupied house, it is your job not only to sell the property, but to do your best to manage and protect it from robbery and other mischief makers.

Let’s make an example of this guy!

A few months ago, an elderly woman in the neighborhood had to leave home to go to hospice, but unfortunately her family lives abroad. The family relied on the real estate agent who sold and watched over the house. A few weeks later, I saw an agent around the property as door leaflets and other junk were gathered in front of the house. I approached him and talked about the junk he was collecting, and he or someone else in his company needed to visit the property more regularly to prevent all the junk from door / leaning forward. I informed him that there was.

This jerk told me it wasn’t part of his job description.

I briefly discuss with him and part of his duty in this kind of situation is to ensure that the house is safe, which people know that it is taken care of. It meant confirming that, but he didn’t care too much. I don’t know if the person I talked to was the actual agent representing the client or someone in the property on his behalf, but in any case he was 100% wrong and disadvantaged the client. Was giving.

according to National Real Estate Agents Association:

REALTORS®, employed to maintain or manage the client’s assets, shall perform due diligence and make reasonable efforts to protect the assets from reasonably foreseeable contingencies and losses. .. (Adopted 1/95)

This guy gives every realtor a bad name. Not only is he not thinking about his managing brokers and brokerage firms, but that’s one of the reasons people consider realtors to look like used car salesmen and politicians.

So. .. .. If the rest of the agents (good agents) want to regain your reputation, put Kibosch on this type of attitude and tell fellow agents what his duty is.

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