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7 Best Cash Flow Markets in the Country for 2020

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It’s all about that cash flow, baby.

At the right price, yours Rental properties can bring a lot of extra cash monthly When Please appreciate the value as you are collecting money. Before you start billing your rent, you need to decide where to buy.

you have a many Optional. Should we focus on a sleepy city that will explode (hopefully) within the next 5 to 10 years? Or is it best to invest in a hot spot right now, receive cash and enjoy steady growth before selling? The choice is up to you …

But before applying for a loan, it’s worth exploring all the best cash flow markets in the country.

The hottest cash flow markets in 2020 include:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


According to PwC New Trends in Real Estate 2020 Report, Austin is hot (and not just in August). Current residents will tell you that the city has been booming for years, but growth hasn’t stopped. of course, anywhere It will continue to grow when Apple announces that it will build a brand new campus in the area. Have a barbecue, check out the new condos built around the city, stop by my office and say hello.


Orlando is more than just a place for tourists to come and go. Over the last decade, the city’s population has increased by 20 percent. Metro Orlando currently has at least 2 million residents. As the population ages and more people begin to retire, Florida will be the hottest place to travel. Before the game, stop by some theme parks to celebrate.

That”18 Great Places to Buy Rental Properties in 2020”The RealWealth Network suggests that you can’t make a mistake in your investment Any Of a big city in Florida. Tampa and Jacksonville frequently make a list of the best places to invest in 2020, and Lakeland was considered the top rental market in 2019.


Like Florida, RealWealth Network explains There is no doubt that you will invest in all the big cities of Lone Star. Both Dallas and Houston have impressive awards and rankings for work and population growth. Cap rate In at least two Dallas areas, about 5 percent are hovering. The average home price is about $ 218,794 and the average rent is $ 1,600. Everything is big in Texas, and if you invest in the right place, you can win big.

Consider San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Amarillo while checking the Texas market. All of these areas are on one of the top cash flow markets.


Cleveland isn’t as hot as Austin, and no place has as many tourists as Orlando. However, not all investors want to dive into a market that already has such high demand.

Cleveland is steadily growing as a city, wiping out its actions and attracting more millennials. Housing is cheap! The median home price is far from six digits, a simple $ 67,000.

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Map with red position marker

There are many factors that influence whether an area is suitable for investment. Home prices, population growth and employment rates tell stories to investors looking to buy. The unemployment rate in North Charleston is 1.8%. This low figure tells a sweet story, with a 16.1% population growth and a 9.6% total annual rental yield.

Southern towns aren’t as loud as hot cities, but they’re a great place to build a strong, profitable portfolio. According to a report from Millionacres..


Indianapolis is another hard-working city with a growing population. Cheap rents are attracting many millennials from the boiling market. In eight years the population has increased by 8%.

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Home ratings have risen 6.6% in the past year alone. As shown in the Millionacres data.. It is the second largest city in the Midwest and has a strong population-supporting industry for the next few years. Buy Now and your median home price is just above $ 160,000.


This is the last option for my East Coast friends. Investors should follow immediately when millennials flock to cities. Everyone knows that millennials prefer renting to buying. landlord It turns out to be more true in Pittsburgh than ever before. Despite a slight population decline, the millennial population has grown significantly in Steel City.

According to roof stockPittsburgh has been slowly returning to the map for the past few years, and 2020 could be the year to make it a really hot city.

Buyers should be careful

you can Make a bad investment in a hot market. Finding a booming city does not mean that nothing is guaranteed.More than just goes into your choice Where People are moving.

Think about how much money you are spending to invest and how to spend it wisely. Choose the right tenant.. Budget your reno cost before you start flipping. Hot markets are an important part of the puzzle, but there are many more to look at before looking at the big picture.

Where are you going to invest in real estate this year? why?

Let’s talk in the comments section below.

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