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3 Tips for Finding a Real Estate Agent (for Investors!)

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New to investing and looking for great deals? This is your best bet: Find an investor-friendly realtor.

There is no shortage of agents. Finding an agent is not difficult. However, fewer agents have the necessary knowledge and skills to assist investors.

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I am an agent When Investors, and I would like to share with you some tips for tracking the best realtors possible for your purposes.

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Find a local agent now

The Bigger Pockets Agent Finder You can easily connect with realtors who know the local market and can evaluate real estate from the investor’s point of view. The mechanism is as follows.

  1. Choose your market
  2. Share investment standards
  3. Matching with real estate agents

How to find a real estate agent (for investors)

  1. Google is not going to help you. It can be difficult to find a realtor who calls himself “investor friendly”.
  2. Find an agent that consistently lists refurbished properties. Perhaps investors who have renovated real estate are listing it along with the same agents who helped them find a deal.
  3. Let’s go out and network. Go to an exchange party.. ask a question. Most people love to share information.

The video above will explain in more detail how to successfully search and find agents who have experience working with investors. By implementing these, you can take your business to the next level.

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