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10 Must-Dos Before Listing a House for Sale

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Selling your home is exciting! It shows that it is close to an exciting chapter in your life. And since it can take months, many homeowners are ready to market their homes and finish the entire process as soon as possible.

Don’t rush to list your home if you’re not ready to sell. Unfinished repairs, neglected maintenance, and bad first impressions can all bring your home to market for a long time.

Use these suggestions as a checklist to complete before you list your home for sale. Some are DIY and some require you to call an expert.Either way, they prepare your home When You to close faster with higher values.

1. Take a professional photo

Want to reach more potential buyers? Hire an expert to take a picture of your home.

Want to sell your home sooner? Hire an expert to take a picture of your home.

Want to sell your home for more money? You get the picture … (The pun is not intended.)

More and more buyers are heading online to find a home, and if they aren’t impressed with the photos they see, they will start clicking elsewhere. Home listings with professional photos sell 32% faster than homes without photos.

If your home is worth over $ 200,000, professional photos may help you sell for up to $ 11,000 or more. Additional buyers look, visit, and bid. It’s a great investment in your property.

2. Create a quick fix to enhance the appeal of the curb

Even when selling a home, the first impression is everything. What do buyers see first when they walk to your property?

The charm of curbs can increase the value of your home. 70% of NAR members say that the appeal of curbs is “very important” to attract buyers. Simple modifications such as adding shrubs, unclogging gutters, and staging the front porch can make your home memorable before the buyer enters the door.

Many of these quick fixes can be run on weekends.

3. Stock up on light bulbs

Speaking of quick fix, put the light bulb in your shopping list. (Many sellers forget this.) In an open house, you need to turn on all the lights throughout the house. The blinking lights are creepy, and replacing the bulb is something that buyers don’t want to list.

Have a replacement ready so that the buyer is not exposed to the dark.

4. Call the handyman for repair

You don’t have to call an expert to screw in the light bulb. In fact, if you need to tighten a loose handle or replace an AC filter, you can check many items from the list.However, it is important to evaluate the entire house for any necessary modifications. And do them.

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Gutter clogging, faucet leaks, and door squeaking just add an item to the buyer’s to-do list. Make as many repairs as possible, but don’t hesitate to call an expert for the rest.

5. Check to make sure you have all the permits

If you worked on your property, you probably needed to get a specific permit. If the buyer later wants to do some work on your property, They are You need to get a specific permit. Pre-planned buyers will probably ask you about their permits.

It’s not only embarrassing to admit that you’ve remodeled your home without proper permission. You may lose your buyer because you don’t want to put any more items on your to-do list. Make sure you have all the permissions you need for any modifications you have made in the past and that you have permission for possible modifications in the future.

Pet policy

6. Call the kennel

As much as you love your animals, those evidences in your home add no value. The right buyer may have allergies or prefer a pet-free life.

Have your pet sitter or kennel number handy in case you’re showing your house.Hide or clean up either evidence Of your furry friends, including scents.

This may mean calling an expert for deep cleaning of your carpet, but it’s a rewarding investment in the long run.

7. Hire a housekeeper

Hire an expert to get rid of the evidence while you are in it yours Smell too. Animal lovers aren’t the only homeowners to consider deep cleaning. After years of spending in your home or your property, you may not notice certain stains or odors.

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Buyers will certainly do so. Invest in a professional housekeeper or cleaner that scrapes everything and illuminates all surfaces.

8. Hide valuables and family photos

Buyers want to step into the house and feel like they live there. She reminds them that the pictures of your family are just looking at them.

This task kills several birds with one stone. Deleting personal photos and valuables will allow your home to be staged. Even if you’re not staging your house, you can hide things to prevent theft. You never know who is jumping into your open house and milling around your bedroom.

Packing these items can also save you time when you’re ready to move.

A girl packing a book in a brightly lit living room box

9. Rent a storage unit

You need to put a family photo and a pet cage somewhere. Prepare your storage unit so you don’t have to worry about where to put your packed items. If you decide to stage your home with different furniture and decorations at the last minute, you’ll need this storage unit anyway.

And if all goes well, you will need a place to put it all Of yours before you know it.

10. Make a list of what comes with you

In the end, everything will be fine. This can mean lamps and curtain rods that can normally be left behind.

Make a list of everything you intend to bring with you and give it to National Association of Realtors members. If you don’t witness during the open house, your realtor can answer all the questions buyers may have about what remains and what happens.

Is there anything I would recommend adding to this list?

Please leave a suggestion in the comments section below!

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