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Why does collaboration matter to real estate right now?

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When we talk about real estate, we talk about people; when we talk about the people in real estate, we talk about collaboration.

After all, collaboration in real estate is everywhere: The transactions that agents close with their clients (and competitors), the partnerships that brokers share with agents, and even the software we use to organize it all and hold everything together.

That’s why our mission at Lone Wolf has always been to simplify real estate — by creating software that brings the people of real estate together and by creating connections that bring the software that brokers and agents use together too.  

From integrating partner tools in our Marketplace (including rental screenings, disclosure services, moving services, and more) to Lone Wolf Transactions to connecting the most comprehensive suite of solutions serving real estate professionals, we’re working tirelessly to bring real estate together every day.

Because we believe that right now, collaboration is more important than ever. Here’s why:

1. It converts scattered processes into one connected workflow  

In today’s consumer-centric world, there’s no shortage of software options. While it’s important to be able to find the right solutions for your business, it’s just as important that those solutions work together.

To bridge the gap that occurs between a listing and new leads, we’ve connected Boost, our intelligent digital advertising platform, to CoreLogic’s renowned listing management solution, Matrix™. This way, agents can add a new listing to the MLS and then click to advertise it, all from the same place. Fast, convenient, and easy, this connection creates an efficient workflow from listing entry to listing advertising, ensuring listings get the exposure they deserve, and quality leads are generated instantly.

2. It puts the best information in your hands — when you need it most

With ongoing market turbulence, agents must continually navigate challenging situations while buyers and sellers struggle to transact in an environment with high rates and affordability challenges.

In both cases, agents and clients may not know what to do next because they lack the information to proceed.

That’s why we’ve collaborated with Realtor.com® to connect Listing Toolkit to Cloud CMA. This collaboration means that agents can use Listing Toolkit to find relevant buyer matches and overall demand for their listings and then hop into Cloud CMA and generate reports with this information for their prospective sellers. By providing information like this, agents can inspire trust and confidence in their sellers and prove they know the way forward, even in difficult markets.

3. It makes a better deal for everyone

Each deal has dozens of nuances. Working with buyers and sellers means managing those nuances and doing your best to close without a hitch. For clients, a transaction often feels like untying a messy knot of people, products, and companies for everything from funding to legal services.

Our recent partnership with Better connects the mortgage prequalification process to Transactions so that agents can help their clients complete yet another critical step in their transaction experience — all from the comfort of the transaction management system they already use for offers, contracts, and digital signatures.

In the end, collaboration helps us create the experience we all expect — and deserve

And it’s already working.

When something as complex as a real estate transaction is made so much simpler, it inspires all parties to feel a crucial confidence in the life-changing decisions being made.

Real estate is the business of helping people find homes. As always, that business is made better when we work together.   

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