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What’s Your Retirement Plan Or Exit Strategy? Pulse

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Pulse is a recurring column where we ask for readers’ takes on varying topics in a weekly survey and report back with our findings.

We’ve all known real estate agents and brokers who continued to work well into their golden years, enjoying the challenge and growing ever more knowledgeable and insightful. We’ve also known real estate pros who were forced to continue working, not out of enthusiasm, but out of necessity and failure to plan ahead adequately for retirement.

This week, we’re curious: What’s your plan for the future? Are you currently living commission to commission, or do you have investments that are adequate to support retirement? Are you investing and creating passive income that you’ll use to exit day-to-day production? Are you building a business that will eventually sustain you financially? Let us know your plan below in the survey below.

We’ll post our findings with the top answers next week on Tuesday.

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