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WATCH: Top Tried-And-True Tips To Get Ahead From ICLV

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Get back to basics and stay ahead with these tips and advice on the biggest game changers agents and brokers should be implementing to stay one step ahead at ICLV.

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Laurie Finkelstein Reader, with Laurie Finkelstein Reader Real EstateGary Gold, with Coldwell Banker, and Anthony Marguleas, with Amalfi Estates gathered together at Inman Connect Las Vegas to talk about the biggest game changers agents and brokers should be implementing to stay one step ahead, and it was a refresher for tried-but-true tactics and strategies that have always been around.  

From left to right: Gary Gold, Laurie Finkelstein Reader, Anthony Marguleas Credit: AJ Canaria of MoxiWorks

“We’re in the relationship business.” Reader said. 

Remembering that relationship-building is at the heart of selling real estate is vital if you want to stay ahead, she reminded attendees, while adding that the things you do to maintain your relationships are the things that matter the most. 

Gold offered some advice on maintaining connections in a meaningful way. 

“Always be of value. Don’t just call to check in, call with some kind of info,” he said. Then moving on to strategies for managing your database and contacts, he added, “Have one place for all of your leads, create a great system and have all of your leads in one place.”

Having a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that works is vital, all of the panelists agreed. 

“The best CRM is the one you use!” said Marguleas

Prioritizing relationship building isn’t only crucial for clients and databases but also agents, if you’re a broker. 

“Help people through the fatigue — especially the new agents who just came on board in the last two years — have open discussions about what’s happening,” Marguleas added. 

Everyone present agreed that it’s the job of agents and brokers to educate customers, especially right now; everyone should focus on education as the key to adding value and being a trusted source for the industry. 

Watch the entire session via the video at the top of this post to learn all the advice and tips shared for agents and brokers to stay ahead. 

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