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WATCH: Mike DelPrete On How Agents Are The Real One-Stop Shop

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On stage at Inman Connect Las Vegas, DelPrete argued that most consumers don’t need or want to navigate yet another dashboard or website. In many cases, they just want their agent.

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Mike DelPrete speaks to Brad Inman at Inman Connect Las Vegas on Aug. 4. Credit: AJ Canaria of MoxiWorks

On stage at Inman Connect Las Vegas last week, real estate analyst Mike DelPrete revealed that he recently bought a home.

“I had a great one-stop-shop ecosystem,” DelPrete said. “Everything I wanted, anything I wanted was in one place. It was super easy to access and I got my answers really quick.”

The all-in-one platform has long been a holy grail in the real estate industry, and moderator Brad Inman quickly asked DelPrete who provided him with such an experience.

“My real estate agent,” DelPrete explained. “It was a phone number. Whenever I needed something I just called my agent.”

The comment was a significant one, given that DelPrete’s area of expertise is new entrants to the industry such as iBuyers and Power Buyers. DelPrete discussed such players during his session, arguing that Opendoor is playing the long game and that the real estate establishment is gradually warming to new business models.

But even as iBuyers become more entrenched, DelPrete argued that consumers don’t need or want more technology. In the end, they just need a good agent.

“I don’t need to log into another website and another freaking dashboard to manage the whole transaction,” DelPrete said. “I just wanted someone to talk to.”

Watch DelPrete’s whole session via the video at the top of this post.

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