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WATCH: Matt Lionetti Channels Freddie Mercury On Stage At ICLV

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The real estate agent and content creator with The Agency talks about building your brand with original content. Humor is going to be at the heart of how people talk about him, he said.

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Matt Lionetti at Inman Connect Las Vegas on Aug. 4  Credit: AJ Canaria of MoxiWorks

Is Matt Lionetti from The Agency funny?

Whether you think he is or not, funny is associated with his brand and that’s no coincidence.

During the Agent Marketing portion of Inman Connect Las Vegas, real estate agent and content creator  Lionetti took the stage to talk about building your brand with original content, by discovering your “it” factor. 

To demonstrate how he does this, he shared one of his videos where he channeled Freddie Mercury, the late lead vocalist of the rock band Queen, in a hilarious clip. 

How did he discover his “it” factor and decide to do funny videos? By thinking about what content he wanted to see and what interested him. And then he put that type of content out there.  

His takeaway: Even if people don’t find his content funny, humor is still going to be at the heart of how they talk about him, and that makes it part of his branding.  

“Whatever you do, it’s got to be true to you,” Lionetti told the audience. “You don’t really know what’s natural to you until you start doing it.” 

Watch the entire session via the video at the top of this post and decide for yourself if Lionetti is indeed funny. 

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